Episode - 016 Are You Going to Origins??

Episode - 016 Are You Going to Origins??

Join Firestone and Jeremiah as they bring back all of your favorite segments! And join in the conversation:

Fire and Ice What are the games that are hot and also the ones that are not?

Fill in the Blank

The game I’m considering backing on Kickstarter right now is _____________.

_________ is the TV show I’m loving right now.

Lightning Round!

  • How do you feel about the trailer for The Last Jedi?
  • Basketball playoffs or hockey playoffs?
  • Pizza: Thin crust or thick crust?

Produced by Jeremiah Isley

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Episode 11! A Live Video Experiment!

Hey Everyone! We've kicked of the new year with a new experiment in our podcast! We did a live streaming podcast on Twitch! Don't worry if you missed it, we posted it to YouTube too! If you're not a video person, that's ok too, the iTunes audio version will be posting very soon too!!! phew that's a lot of podcasting!

PLEASE let us know what you think of the new video format! We'd LOVE your feedback, we know we had a few technical issues, but we'd still love to hear what you think!!!

Thanks for reading, listening, and now WATCHING! 

Hey Gang the audio version is live now!! Take a listen here, or download on iTunes!