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023 - Origins Highlights!

Today Jeremiah bring you some highlight from three full days of Origins coverage!

Some great folks stopped by studio 359 on the exhibit hall floor and showed off some great new titles, you can SEE all of them by heading over to Facebook and check out the live videos on our page!

Today's guests are: 

  • Isaac Childres

  • Tiffany Caires

  • Tom Wetzel

  • Travis Reynolds

  • Gallen Ciscel

  • Curt Covert

  • Paul Peterson

  • Rob Dougherty

  • Chris Leder

  • and Tim Heerema!

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022 - Newest Member and the Biggest News!

Today on the TOG Podcast Jeremiah and Firestone welcome AJ to the show as a permanent co-host! Welcome aboard!

And as if that wasn't big enough, they have some news to share that will blow your mind! Tune in to find out what's up! Or just follow this link right here!

You'll also hear all of your favorite segments:

Fire and Ice

Fill in the Blank

and Lightning Round!


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021 - Top 10 Games of 2017!

Join us for a special gala event as AJ, Firestone and Jeremiah unveil their top 10 games of 2017!

We'll be back with more of the usual next month, but in the meantime why not head over to the Anchor app and checkout Boardgames FM where we post new content daily! AND Don't forget, we've launched season 2 of our Take-Two Reviews on YouTube!


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