025 - The Quarter-Tennial

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Today we have big news is now you can call in and be a part of the show!! Just dial up 216-352-3864 and leave a message! And we'll get you on the show!!

The guys talk about Essen, Kickstarters, Reprints and more! Plus all of your favorite segments are back!

Fire and Ice

Fill in the Blank:

The KS I’m waiting for is _______?

I’m dying to play _______?

I have sleeved approximately ______ cards.

and the Lightning Round!

Larry, Curly, or Moe (Shemp is not a choice)

DC or Marvel?

Favorite Halloween Candy to steal from your kids?

Preferred Social Media: FB, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, or My space?

Favorite fall activity?


Produced by Jeremiah Isley