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Theology of Games Podcast

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Episode 017 - Hey AJ!

AJ Skifstad comes on board as a special guest co-host, and we introduce him to the TOG community as our newest member of the writing staff.


We talk about games we've played recently including: Shahrazad, Yokohama and more! Also we run through a few of our favorite segments:

Fill in the Blank:

The thing I’m looking forward to the most at Origins is _______.

The game that is calling to me the most from my game shelf is _______.

Lightning Round:

Cavs vs. Warriors?

Summer Plans?

Surprise Predictions for Star Wars ep. 8?

Favorite Large Group Game?


Produced by Jeremiah Isley

Episode - 016 Are You Going to Origins??

Join Firestone and Jeremiah as they bring back all of your favorite segments! And join in the conversation:

Fire and Ice What are the games that are hot and also the ones that are not?

Fill in the Blank

The game I’m considering backing on Kickstarter right now is _____________.

_________ is the TV show I’m loving right now.

Lightning Round!

  • How do you feel about the trailer for The Last Jedi?
  • Basketball playoffs or hockey playoffs?
  • Pizza: Thin crust or thick crust?

Produced by Jeremiah Isley

Episode 015 - Top Games of 2016

A little late, but better than never, it's our Top 5 Games of 2016! 

Firestone and Jeremiah reveal their top 5 games each as well as the listeners/readers top 5!

Plus we tease a contest coming up soon!

So, did your favorite game of the year make it on our list!? What is this contest we're talking about? One way to find out! 

Produced by Jeremiah Isley

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