TOG's Top Rated!


Happy Monday! We've got some pretty fun news in the world of Theology of Games--at least, we think it is... Some of you are super observant, and have noticed a brand new tab up top, while others may have been tipped off by the email you received or the tweet you scrolled past. But we've launched our top recommendations list that will now permanently live on the site: TOG's Top Rated! 

Each of us (Scott Firestone, Jeremiah Isley and AJ Skifstad) have put together a list of our MUST HAVE titles, games that are in our collections that we simply couldn't live without,. This covers everything from filler games; to party games; to big, bad, heavy-duty gamer games. You'll see a list of games from each of us, as well as a list of games we all agree on 100%!

So give it a look, and feel free to pass it on to those you know who may be looking for a gift for that one gamer in their life!