Theology of Games Podcast - 026 Christmas Time is Here!


We're back at it with a special Christmas episode! AND!! A mail bag segment!

Here's what you can expect in this episode!

Gaming News!

And Update on our 12 Days of Christmas Contest! Go to to enter before it's too late! Hurry!!


Fire and Ice

Fill in the Blank

  • The biggest game of this holiday season is _______

  • _____ was the best childhood Christmas gift ever!

and the ever popular (Not so) Lightning Round!

  • Game you want for Christmas?

  • Game you know you’re getting for Christmas?

  • Favorite TV show Christmas episode?

  • Cut your own tree, pre-cut, or artificial Christmas tree?

  • New Years Plans?

Don't forget to call in and be a part of our special Christmas episode on Boardgames Daily! 216-352-3864!

Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Crooked Path Productions