Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic CONTEST!

Tiny Epic Haul.jpg

Well. Hot on the heels of our That’s How I Roll Podcast New Year’s Contest (is that really the name of that contest? That’s a REALLY long name…) We’re back at it. This time, we’ve got a huge contest for you! We know the winter months can be a bit dreary, and the major cons aren’t happening for a few months still, so we thought we’d bring you some excitement for your cold, cabin fevered souls.

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Gamelyn Games we’re giving away a copy of EVERY TINY EPIC GAME! (Except Mechs, it’s just not available yet).

That’s right, Tiny Epic: Kingdoms, Heroes’ Call, Defenders, Defenders Dark War, Galaxies, Beyond the Black, Western, Quest, and Zombies!! PLUS!! They’re throwing in the custom Game Haul to carry all of this around! WHUT!?

How do you get in on this?? It’s easy! There are tons of way to enter are all waiting on you just on the other side of THIS LINK!

We’re so grateful to have you as a listener/reader and we’re glad to giveaway this wonderful prize to one of you lucky folks!!

Good luck!

Thanks for listening! Thanks for reading!