Kickstarter Weekly--April 4, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly--April 4, 2014

Hey everyone! We have some exciting news for you all! But we can't tell you just yet! Such a let down, right? Anyway, we're going to jump in with this week's Kickstarter Weekly, and there's some cool stuff to check out from some of our favorite publishers and designers, so let's get crackin'!

Featured Campaign!

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy - Jason Tagmire

Our good friend Jason Tagmire is back with another deck of Storyteller cards. Storyteller cards serve as a regular deck of playing cards, a creative tool, and a way to teach creativity to young gamers - think story dice. Along with the cards, your pledge will score you the Storyteller Manual--in PDF form, or as an add-on--that will have games designed by some fantastic designers specifically for the deck of cards you'll be getting. The first game announced is Divvy In The Dungeon by the one and only Jason Kotarski, you may know him as the guy who designed a TOG favorite The Great Heartland Hauling Co. And who has a few more games hitting the market this year with Crash Games! With more to come, this campaign is super inexpensive to get into and packs a lot of potential; we think you should jump on board!

The campaign ends on April 24, and a pledge of $10 will get you a deck of your own! You can find all of the details right here!

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We Have a Winner—Blogiversary Giveaway #1

HeartlandDid we say 7 ET? We meant 8... The response to our contest has been great so far! We appreciate you joining the crew. Our first giveaway was graciously donated by Jason Kotarski, designer of The Great Heartland Hauling Company, and all-around super-nice guy! So who won? Read on...

First, I went to, entered the number parameters for our followers, and it chose random #14. I went from oldest followers to newest, and #14 is Eric Nisly! Feel free to offer him congrats and grumbles... But worry not! We've got more giveaways planned for the month. All you have to do is subscribe via email over on the right. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

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It's Our 1-Year Blogiversary!

HeartlandBy Firestone Jeremiah and I met nearly two years ago. He was at my company to attend a mini conference with some youth ministry luminaries. I can't even remember how it came up that we were gamers, but it did. Then, a few months later we met up again at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, where Jeremiah and his wife introduced me to Quarriors. Once they went home, his wife said, off-handedly, "You guys should write a blog together..."

We thought that was a great idea.

So on July 1, 2012, we started Theology Of Games—with a review of Carcassonne. Over the next few months we started to find our "voice" a little more. And we started some of our more-popular features, such as interviews with people in the gaming world, and our favorite thing: Double-Take Reviews.

But we wouldn't be here if there weren't people reading the blog, so we'd like to sincerely thank you for reading, following, and contributing.

And, of course, we celebrate anniversaries with gifts, right? I think the traditional 1-year gift! (I think every anniversary gift should be games, but my wife completely disagrees with me on that.) Some generous people have kindly donated games for us to give away.

150px-Carcassonne-gameWhat do you have to do to win? Just subscribe to the blog. That's it. Everyone who is already subscribed is automatically entered to win.

And that's not all, the past year has been great, and we're excited to have recently launched our YouTube channel featuring coverage from the Origins Game Fair, and we'll be rolling out more video previews of new and exciting games!

But wait! There's more! Be on the lookout later this month as we'll be launching our very own podcast, which will feature both of your friendly TOG writers, as well as special guests from the gaming world and beyond! Stay tuned for more details and our official release date!

Again we want to thank you, the readers, and all of the warm friendly folks from the gaming world who have welcomed us into this community—we hope to stick around for quite some time!

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A Look Back on Origins—Part 1

photo (20)- by Jeremiah, with contributions from A.J. and Sepos. Last Friday we made our way down to Columbus and the Origins Game Fair, to cover the con as best we could for the blog—in just one day.

The con featured everything you'd expect from an event of this caliber: tons of seminars, officially supported tournaments and game play, an Unpub gathering, and of course, the exhibit hall featuring hundreds of vendors, publishers, and more.

photo (19)We made our way through, and shot nearly two hours of video content, featuring interviews with Paul Peterson, Jason Tagmire, Kevin Sorbo, and many more!

The Games

As you would expect at a large-scale gaming convention there were a ton of great games, as far as the eye could see; we'll highlight some of the games we thought were of note over the next couple days.

The DukeAn Origins-released game, convention-goers were among the first to demo and purchase The Duke from Catalyst Game Labs. The Duke is a tile placement/tile moving, chess-like strategy game for 2 players. Each tile represents a different troop defending your Duke: Move a tile and flip it to show the different movement now available to that tile. The game plays fast but has massive replay value as it is tough to master, and different every time!

Council of VeronaCrash Games is currently Kickstarting this title as the flagship to their Pub Series of games. Council of Verona is a card-based strategy game with a very strong bluffing component. The Pub Series is a catalog of games that are compact enough to play anywhere, but still offer great depth in their gameplay. You can get in on the Kickstarter until July 3rd, and it's only $12 to get a copy delivered to your door!

Dice Hate Me lineupLast year Dice Hate Me Games had a booth that pretty much consisted of one game: Carnival. This year they're celebrating a successful release of The Great Heartland Hauling Co., as well as VivaJava, and they're looking forward to the upcoming release of Compounded, VivaJava Dice, and Belle of the Ball. Chris Kirkman has been putting together a great lineup of titles using a stable of unknown/first-time designers to bring great and well-designed/developed games to market. We're excited to see what's coming from them next!

Dungeon HeroesThis exciting game brings you the full experience of a dungeon crawl in a quick-play style. This vs. game pits your heroes against a dungeon player who will try and thwart your efforts to collect hidden treasures. The game board is grid-based with miniature meeples as your characters, who move, attack, and defend based on character abilities. Most importantly, the game can be played in 15 to 30 minutes, giving a busy gamer an opportunity to participate in a fast-paced dungeon crawl. The game is completely expandable and will hopefully offer a multi-player aspect to the game as well as larger game boards. This game looks fantastic and has done great on Kickstarter. We'll be keeping an eye on its future.

We'll be sharing more about Origins over the next few days, not too mention all of our awesome video coverage! For more about Origins, and some good old fashioned social-media fun, look for TOG on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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