We Didn't Playtest This at All - Fluxx's Schizophrenic Cousin

By Jeremiah I just recently stumbled upon this plain white boxed card game—the name of which is more of an excuse for what's about to take place than an actual name. It was $8 and I had some credit to burn at my local game shop so I took a shot in the dark.

WDPTAA is probably the fastest playing filler game you'll come across. Each player is dealt 2 cards and someone decides that they are going to go first. The game is practically over at this point. Players can lose one at a time or in large fell swoops; the cards are random, deceptive, and at times downright goofy.

Your turn consists of drawing one card and playing one card, and hoping you didn't just play something that caused you to lose. You can play cards that will direct players to play Rock, Paper, Scissors only to find out after they "shoot" that everyone who chose Rock has lost the game. Or you can put into play a card that allows for "No Pointing"; any player caught pointing at another player or a card or anything at all, loses. (Try to not point at the player who just pointed while telling them they lost!)

The game has whiffs of Fluxx without all the housekeeping and pretentiousness of having categorized cards for "New Rules" or "Goals" etc. Just read the cards and try to get as many other players to lose on your turn as you can. And if someone else wins you might be lucky enough to be holding the "Spite" card which causes you both to lose! Hey if you can't win, no one can, right?

The new 2012 version has a "chaos pack" included with the base set. We immediately set those cards aside because it seemed way overboard for what was already taking place. But they add more conditions to game play for the whole table. They also include a good amount of blank cards so you can feel free to add your own flavor of insanity to the mix as well.

Honestly, this game didn't come off as annoying as I thought it would; we all had some pretty big laughs while playing it and it will come out again to fill up the time in between the longer games. If you don't take it too seriously, it won't disappoint.