What You Missed... What's Coming Up...

HeartlandThis week has been a crazy/busy/fun/hectic week for us here at TOG (and that's both on the site, and in our lives), and we're not done yet! First let's take a quick look back at the week that was...

First, if the question is "ARE YOU ASKING FOR A CHALLENNNNNNGE??" Pixel Lincoln's answer would be "Yes.". As Jason Tagmire has issued a game design challenge!

We brought TWO, yes TWO, Double-Take Reviews! One for the upcoming Emperor's New Clothes (which is still Kickstarting, until Monday. And the second for Jason Kotarski, and Dice Hate Me's, The Great Heartland Hauling Co. We both had awesome things to say about each one; go read all the words!

Mayfair is making an even bigger name for Catan, and now it's showing up in classrooms!

relic start

And Thursday we brought you TWO, yes TWO, Kickstarter Weekly Features. Relic Expedition which looks AWESOME (look for an interview with the Foxtrot Games guys soon!). And our good friends over at Game Salute are funding a cool accessory for your sci-fi themed games - Rocket Dice!

And we've asked folks to chime in on our Facebook page and tell us who your favorite A-Team member is!

Crown-of-ThornsToday on Good Friday, we take pause to remember the impact of the greatest act of love we have ever known.

As we push forward into the weekend, we will celebrate with friends and family, and maybe even play some games on International TableTop Day tomorrow! (Ok, Scott will for sure!)

Check back with us this weekend as we continue to celebrate!

Thanks so much for reading our posts we hope you find them 3 F's - Fun, Factual, and inFormative!

Rocket Dice—Bonus Kickstarter Weekly

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time/‘til touch down brings me round again to find/I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh no, no, no, I'm a rocket dice Rocket diiiiice, rolled some snake-eyes and now I am hosed

(With apologies to Sir Elton John)

diceGame Salute has launched a cool new Kickstarter campaign for Rocket Dice—rocket-shaped dice perfect for any space game. Prices start at $5 for one die of any color, all the way up to $120 for 31 rocket dice and a bunch of Alien Frontiers stuff.

In addition to the "normal" pip dice, you can also get Fudge style, which have two sides with a "+", two sides with a "-" sign, and two blank sides. Or dice with numerals instead of pips. And Game Salute helpfully did the homework on a bunch of spacey games—such as Star Trek Catan and Eclipse—so you'll know just how many Rocket Dice you'll need is you want to replace the dice in those games.

They've already hit their goal, so it will fund. Check them out on Kickstarter. And thanks for reading!