You Can Finally Party Like a Wok Star!

wok by Firestone

Back in 2010 I got to play a neat little real-time co-op game called Wok Star. It was a self-published, 500-copy indie game where you and your teammates own a restaurant and you're trying to get ingredients and make meals before the timer goes off—otherwise, the people eat for free and you lose money.

After some false starts with other publishers, designer Tim Fowers has partnered with Game Salute to bring you a new edition of this game—it's already funded on Kickstarter, so head on over and join in the fun. Designer Fowers says, "I’ve used the time to improve the game and make it quicker to play, but still maintain the tough choices and frantic pace. Also I feel the addition of an electronic timer will make the game fantastic. I’m excited to finally get it out to everyone that has been asking for it all these years. The game is a unique experience that transforms a group of players into a team."

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