I Know! Let's Play...

photo (31) By Jeremiah

So as a follow-up to Scott's post yesterday, I thought I'd write a companion piece about "that game"—the one you got, but somehow STILL haven't had a chance to play yet!!

Maybe I'm alone in this, but every so often a game comes your way, you're VERY excited about the game, you've heard lots of great things about it, it's getting great ratings from reviewers, and it's right up your alley in terms of genre and mechanics. This is a game that you CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO. PLAY!

But somehow, whenever game night comes along, you fail to get it on the table. Well for me that game is...

Chicken Caesar! I just don't understand it, this game has everything that I and many of my gamer friends enjoy: intrigue, negotiation, bluffing, backstabbing, heated player interaction... At least I'm pretty sure it does. I, of course, wouldn't fully know, because it's never been on my table.

I was super excited to get this game, and Bryan Fischer (designer of the game) was kind enough to arrange for me to receive a review copy of the game to share my thoughts with him and our readers,—he's even given me his personal phone number and offered to teach the game to my group via phone to get us started! Yet somehow it still remains unplayed. I truly feel awful about this.

To some degree I do understand. I bring a LOT of new games to game night, and sometimes we just want to play an old favorite, and other times we don't have the time for a lengthy and meaty game to learn and then play. For over 6 months (actually much longer) this game has never left my game case, ever. I literally have carried it to every game night in hopes of bringing it out. But for some reason when we've got plenty of time, and are feeling adventurous the game gets overlooked. It's like there is some sort of mental block for us when it comes to learning and playing this game.

Anyway, I'm baffled as to why this has happened. Has some ill timing or cruel touch of fate fallen upon this game? I'm REALLY hoping that someday soon we will play Chicken Caesar, and experience the full glory of manipulating the barnyard political structure to rule the roost and cement my place in history! Until then, I may have to take drastic measures...


Am I alone in this? Is there a game that sits completely UN-played in your collection?

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