Monopoly Jr. - Bad Grandma!

By Jeremiah I should preface this post with a short disclaimer. Disclaimer is as follows: My children have 6 grandparents, all of whom are retired and love them very much. None of them are bad; it's just a goofy title for a blog post. Please don't take the following post personally; thank you for loving my boys and getting them games!!

That being said...I recently had the extreme pleasure of discovering that Monopoly Jr. is as equally unenjoyable as its grown-up counterpart.

A grandmother who will go unnamed recently introduced the game to my boys and sent it home with them so we could enjoy it as a family. This was a very kind gesture, and well meaning. I had the opportunity to sit down with my sons and play this afternoon. Much like the adult version you are pretty much playing a game of chance (I often wonder why casinos don't have Monopoly tables in them), and I knew by the first time around the board I was going to lose. And sure enough...I lost. Mercifully, though, the junior version of the game plays in a much shorter time than the marathon style of the grown-up version.

My boys are gamers, yet they don't have the refined taste that years of gaming gives you, so they still enjoy Monopoly Jr.—or Bonoplewee as my youngest calls it.

You'll excuse me now, but I have to go bust out Castle Panic!