Kickstarter Weekly - November 20, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly - November 20, 2014

Ok.... Maybe today it's more like Kickstarter Monthly... But let's put all that behind us and look at all the awesome Kickstarters that are happening right now as we speak!!!

Featured campaign!

oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble - Maverick Muse Games

This expansion of the original oddball Aeronauts brings two new factions into this battle of dirigibles. oddball Aeronauts 2 acts not only as an expansion, but as a stand alone version of the base game. The biggest, newest feature of the expansion is that you can now play 3 and 4 player games in two new variations of the game -both are pretty fun. We'll be reviewing this title momentarily and you can read our preview of the original game here.


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Kickstarter Weekly - August 28, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly - August 28, 2014

Here we are, just rolling through the month of August. GenCon is over, kids are going back to school, football season is quickly upon us, and this all means that fall is on its way. That means cold temps and the perfect weather to stay inside and play board games with friends and family! Here's a look at games that want to be on your tables in the months to come...

Let's jump in!

Let's jump in!

Featured Campaign

Clockwork Kingdom - Mr. B Games

Mr. B continues their march of big box games, having successfully funded Spurs, and Alien Uprising and getting them to market. Clockwork Kingdom is a worker placement game -which is unique to titles previously released by Mr. B, it's also set in a pretty sweet looking steampunk land as players attempt to become the next ruler of the Clockwork Kingdom. Mr. B has a great track record of delivering games as promised, and so far they've been well worth the investment! Be sure to check this one out!

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Kickstarter Weekly - August 1, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly - August 1, 2014

It's hard to believe that July has already come and gone. And the arrival of August means the imminent approach of the flagship event in gaming: GenCon! But before we turn our sights towards this gigantic gathering of gamers, there are a TON of great campaigns on Kickstarter looking to make a place into your game collection! Let's do this!

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Kickstarter Weekly - May 15, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly - May 15, 2014

Featured Campaign!

12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy

A little over a year ago Mage Company successfully ran a campaign for 12 Realms a fantasy co-op board game with some sweet miniatures that is based in the, well... 12 Realms. Players quest along their merry way using classic fairy tale characters in order to overthrow some sort of baddies etc. Ancestor's Legacy is the next step in that quest, it comes with a whole bunch of bits, minis, cards and tokens. The components and artwork shown on the campaign is all top notch! If you love fantasy miniatures games, this is one you won't want to miss!

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Kickstarter Weekly--April 4, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly--April 4, 2014

Hey everyone! We have some exciting news for you all! But we can't tell you just yet! Such a let down, right? Anyway, we're going to jump in with this week's Kickstarter Weekly, and there's some cool stuff to check out from some of our favorite publishers and designers, so let's get crackin'!

Featured Campaign!

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy - Jason Tagmire

Our good friend Jason Tagmire is back with another deck of Storyteller cards. Storyteller cards serve as a regular deck of playing cards, a creative tool, and a way to teach creativity to young gamers - think story dice. Along with the cards, your pledge will score you the Storyteller Manual--in PDF form, or as an add-on--that will have games designed by some fantastic designers specifically for the deck of cards you'll be getting. The first game announced is Divvy In The Dungeon by the one and only Jason Kotarski, you may know him as the guy who designed a TOG favorite The Great Heartland Hauling Co. And who has a few more games hitting the market this year with Crash Games! With more to come, this campaign is super inexpensive to get into and packs a lot of potential; we think you should jump on board!

The campaign ends on April 24, and a pledge of $10 will get you a deck of your own! You can find all of the details right here!

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Kickstarter Weekly - March 27, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly - March 27, 2014

Well another week has come and nearly gone, and here we are again with another set of Kickstarter Campaigns that have caught our attention. We think they're worth taking a quick look at, so we're going to do that now!

Featured Campaign!

Board Games: Now Blind Accessible - 64 Oz. Games

64 Oz. Games has developed an ingenious method for making board games accessible for players who are blind. By using an embossing machine and embossing a plastic sticker that adheres to card sleeves, player mats, etc. they will be able to make sets of sleeves which will make popular games accessible and readable for players who are blind. They've also developed a way to use QR codes to read large amounts of text on cards through technology already available to the sight impaired. This is a very large undertaking, and a very noble one at that. 64 Oz. Games isn't the only publisher that is doing their part to make their games accessible, but there is a long list of heavy hitters in the gaming industry who officially support this project. Including: Stonemaier, Rio Grande, Plaid Hat, Minion Games, Crash Games, Indie Boards & Cards and many many more!

The rewards for this campaign are a little unique, but for $25 you can get a copy of Yoink! a tactile micro game, OR a set of braille card sleeves for a "small" game. You can choose from Coloretto, The Resistance, Tichu (1 Deck) or Love Letter (With plastic reference sheets).

The campaign is nearly funded and it ends on April 24. You can check out the full details of the campaign right here.

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Kickstarter Weekly - Feb. 27, 2014

What week here at TOG would be complete without us highlighting a handful of games just chomping at the bit to make it to market and your table! So we've scoured Kickstarter and come up with these games we feel might interest you.

Featured Campaign

TowerTower: A Board Game of Bullying and Building - Ben Haskett

In Tower you're attempting to help the king of your realm build, well, a tower. Essentially a resource-management game, with a small amount of worker-placement mixed in, Tower pits players against each other as they try to rush to market to get the resources they need to complete their section of the tower. The components, and illustrations shown on the campaign page, look rich and thematic. There are a lot of stretch goals--some of which are already unlocked--and the price point makes this one pretty easy to get in on. Tower has been in development through PnP on The Game Crafter for two years, so it's safe to say a lot of kinks have been worked out; this one looks truly market ready!

A pledge of $29 will get you a copy of the game. There's plenty of time for more stretch goals to be unlocked since the campaign doesn't end until March 24. You can get all the details and see all of the components: right here!

ShipwrightsShipwrights of the North Sea - Shem Phillips/Garphill Games

Remember when we said of Asgard's Chosen "Hey it's really cool they did a viking/norse theme; there aren't many games like that." Well apparently the gaming industry has taken note of that fact. Not that we said it, but that there is a mythology out there that lies untapped and ready for the exploiting.. errr taking... Anyway. Shipwrights is a game for 2-5 players in which the goal of the game is to construct the largest fleet of warships, which lets you make lots of money, which lets you win the game.

The campaign is packed with lots of videos and stretch goals--many of which have been unlocked already!

A pledge of $44 NZD (Approx. $37 USD) will score you a copy of the game shipped worldwide, and the campaign ends March 13. You can find out all the details: right here!

piraticalThe Piratical Collection of Leather Pouch Games - Bibelot Games

This slick collection of rustic and authentic-looking games are all designed to fit within a suede leather pouch. The pouch holds all the game pieces--which are made of real marble and wood--and the pouch unfolds to become the playing area. The "board" is laser etched into the suede so it should be pretty darn durable. There are seven games to choose from with this campaign each having a different flavor of the pirate life. The down side of this campaign is the price: The components are very cool and authentic, but that makes them a bit pricey. Still, if you like pirate type games (and who doesn't!?), this one is definitely worth a good look!

One game is going to ring you up for $34, and for all 7 games you're going to fork over $217. The campaign ends on March 6. You can find all of the details: right here!

Kill ShakeKill Shakespeare - IDW Games

An area-control board game based on the comic book of the same name, Kill Shakespeare is a semi-coop game featuring some of the most historic characters from the works of Shakespeare. The game is semi-cooperative, so you'll work together but in the end you're jockeying for position to become protector of the realm.

This campaign is already funded and working toward stretch goals, including an upgraded map and custom meeples!

A pledge of $50 to get a copy - Ends on March 15, and you can find the details: right here!

Thanks so much for reading; we'd love to know if you're backing any of these campaigns, or if there are others we're missing! Let us know, in the comments below!

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Kickstarter Weekly--Feb. 7, 2014

Well, it's been an exciting week for us so far here at TOG, and even with the news about us being a part of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, we've somehow found time to bring you another installment of games that are pleading their case over on Kickstarter. There's a ton of great stuff happening, so let's dig in with this week's Kickstarter Weekly!

Featured Campaign

This TownThis Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us! - Tasty Minstrel Games

This town may not be big, but neither is the price point for this one! For a paltry three American dollars you can get a copy of this game, plus all the stretch goals! Tasty Minstrel is owning the micro game market on Kickstarter right now, and for $3 there's no reason to wait to pull the trigger on this micro tile-placement western showdown!

The campaign ends Feb. 14, and, like we said you can get a copy for a pledge $3!! Find all the details including all the unlocked stretch goals right here!

Zep AttackZeppelin Attack - Evil Hat Productions

Mooarrrr Zeppelins! Yep, the zeppelin thing is becoming all the rage in gaming this year. This might be the first zeppelin deck-builder in gaming though. A 2-4 player card battle for air supremacy, set in the universe of  the Spirit of the Century RPG from Evil Hat Productions. As with most steam punk-ish themed games, the art will pull you in on this one!

The campaign ends on March 1. You'll have to pledge $30 for the game, and you can find all of the details, right here!

LagoonLagoon - David Chott

Lagoon has you embarking on a simple little objective: FORGING THE DESTINY OF A WORLD! A board game that features a solo variant and supports up to 4 players, Lagoon is a discovery and area-control game with a very mystical/enchanting feel to it. It also sports some really nice-looking components and artwork. And reviewers are claiming it has a relatively quick learning curve.

You can still pledge to get a copy of Lagoon until March 3, and it's only $35 for a copy of the game. Check out all the details right here!

WesterlyWesterly Reboot - Analog Evolution Games

Ok, it's really just Westerly, and they've rebooted the campaign... Westerly is a co-op game where players work together to forge a trail out west using their unique characters and story-telling skills.

This game is finished and ready to roll, and more backers means more funding. They have a very lofty funding goal, but the game looks to have been very well-tested-out and tweaked, and comes with plenty of bits!

The campaign ends March 16. There are a few early bird level pledges left at $40, then it jumps up to $50 for a copy of the game. You can find out all of the details, right here!

bigfootBigfoot - Game Salute

It's time to go squatchin'... I can't believe I just typed that...

Anyway Game Salute has launched a campaign for a 2-player card game called Bigfoot, about, well, finding Bigfoot. This is an asymmetrical game in which one player is a cryptozoologist, and the other Bigfoot himself. The Bigfoot player chooses a path to take, while trying to outwit and confound the cryptozoologist. Meanwhile, his counterpart is attempting to find the ever-elusive Sasquatch and claim glory and fame. This one looks to be a very light strategy card game that plays really quickly.

The campaign ends on Feb. 27 and it's only $15 for a copy of the game. You can find all the details of the game, right here!

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Are you backing any of these campaigns? Are there any we missed? Let us know, down below!

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Kickstarter Weekly Jan. 24, 2014

Things are finally getting back into gear for us with the new year. We've launched two new episodes of our podcast, we've got a ton of new reviews that we will be publishing very, very soon. And there are a bunch of new and exciting projects that we are working away at in the background with much fervor and gusto! While all of that is going on, the Kickstarter Community is alive and doing well, and, as usua,l we're here to point you towars a few that we think are interesting enough to write about! So here we go with this week's Kickstarter Weekly!

Featured Campaign

scovilleScoville— Tasty Minstrel Games

Tasty Minstreal Games has been incredibly busy over the past few months bringing a lot of highly anticipated games to Kickstarter and proceeding to completely smash their funding goals and about 4,729 stretch goals along the way—okay, that might be an exaggeration... Anyway, Scoville is a farming game designed by blogger extraordinaire Ed Marriott of Boards and Barley. Players will be bringing the heat to a small town by planting and harvesting exotic peppers. We know Ed's been hard at work on this project for some time, and we wish him —and Michael Mindes of TMG— all the best with this campaign!

You have until Feb. 22 to help fund Scoville, and a  $40 pledge will score you your very own copy. Check out all the details right here!

GridironMasters of the Gridiron— Sports Moguls

Master of the Gridiron is a two-player football simulation card game. It features real players from real teams, is easy and quick to play and learn. Tabletop games and sports are an odd marriage. But both of us are big into gaming, as well as football, so we're intrigued. Although I (Jeremiah) don't often enjoy these worlds colliding. Still, we will be publishing our preview of this one very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime the Kickstarter Campaign is in full swing and will end on Feb. 19. Early birds can score two decks —one team per deck— for $25, or for $39 you can get four decks. Check out all the details right here!

LivestockLivestock Uprising - A Call to Farms - Dog Might Games

Okay, maybe there's something to this "farm" theme we've seen in two campaigns now... Will this be the year of the farming game? I suppose time will tell. Anyway, Livestock Uprising is a tactical barnyard battle for two to four players, that features a randomized playing field, a bunch of cards, and bits. This one looks pretty polished and ready to go, and has already funded, so it will be coming to market.

A pledge of $35 will score you a copy of the game, and this campaign ends on Feb. 16. You can check out all the details right here!

Dice EmpireDice Empire Series: Series One - Tinderbox Entertainment

So, this really isn't a "game," but I (Jeremiah) couldn't help but get a little mesmerized by all the sweet designs of these dice! There are some pretty awesome looking dice here. The price points seem about average for custom printed dice--what you would see at a Con. This is a super easy campaign to jump in on.

$4 gets you any single d6 from the series and then it jumps to $22 for any ten. The Campaign ends on Feb. 21 and you can see all the awesome designs right here!

coconutsCoconuts "Crazy Monkey" Dexterity Game for 2-4 Players - Mayday Games

What's in a name? In this case everything you need to know. Coconuts is: a crazy monkey dexterity game for 2-4 players! Upon watching the video in its 17 seconds of splendor we have come to this conclusion: CCMDGF2-4P is pretty much Beer Pong with mechanical monkeys, sans beer. Who doesn't want to make a monkey fling coconuts into containers to score points though? This should be a favorite for kids and families and the manga crowd. We imagine monkeys flinging coconuts is a better selling point than them flinging... well, you know.

$30 gets you a copy shipped to your door; the campaign ends on Jan. 28 and you can check it out right here! 

Thanks for checking out Kickstarter Weekly. Are you backing any of these? Are you backing something we haven't mentioned? Sound off below in the comments!

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Kickstarter Weekly—Nov. 22, 2013

Wow, it's been a crazy week for us here at TOG, and things have gotten away from us! So, without further ado we're going to jump into this week's Kickstarter Weekly!

Most likely these games won't be making it under your Christmas tree this year, (seeing as how a lot of these campaigns don't even end until after Christmas), but it ever hurts to plan ahead for... ya know... Valentines Day, Arbor Day, Memorial Day.... Or, well, you get what we're saying...

So let's jump in!

Featured Campaign

Hold your breathHold Your Breath - Mayday Games

In this, the third and final installment in the Get Bit trilogy, players are once again playing as some less than intelligent pirates who have just gone overboard in "Walk the Plank!". This campaign is going gangbusters and there are a few stretch goals unlocked with more on the way! 

You can get in on this one for $18 to get a copy shipped to your door. The campaign ends Dec. 21 and you can check it out here!

Emu RanchersEmu Ranchers - App Sauce Labs

A fun looking single-deck card game for the family. Players compete as emu ranchers trying to build the best farm for emus possible. It's a 2-player game, with lots of cool stretch goals to come, they are just now on the brink of funding and there is plenty of time to get in on this one.

Just for a pledge $15 you'll get your own copy of the game. The campaign ends Dec 27 and you can check it out here.

OtherverseThe Otherverse: First Wars - A Quirky Tabletop Battle Game - Shadow Vision

The game looks cool and the concept of easy, and quick playing battle simulation is very intriguing. With a backstory that sets the game in a sci-fi world that brought an army of dinosaurs from an alternate dimension.

Despite the slick video, and clever concept,  unfortunately it seems this one is going to fail.

If you'd like to get in and try to help get this game funded you can snag a copy for $40. The campaign ends Dec. 5, check it out here!

Pathfinder dicePathfinder Dice Arena - Luke Peterschmidt (Fun to 11)

There certainly is no shortage of new dice games hitting the market. We've seen several titles hit Kickstarter with custom dice and gameplay. This latest one is set in the Pathfinder universe; players choose their favorite character and go at it in a tournament battle setting. If you're digging the influx of dice games, and are a fan of the Pathfinder universe, you should check this one out! The one downside to this is, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

The base game is $62 ( which includes no stretch goals) $65 early bird (all stretch goals). Ends Dec. 30, and the campaign can be found here.

Thanks for checking out this week's Kickstarter Weekly!

What games are you backing, and which games did we miss out on this week!??

Let us know in the comments below, and find us on the internets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our Podcast on iTunes!