Fluxx is now available for your iOS device!

Fluxx on iOSWell the wait is over! Looney Labs has announced that starting today you can play Fluxx on your iOS device! It's up on the app store and will cost you $2.99 for the app. I just downloaded the app and will post my thoughts on it soon! In the meantime you can read our review of the original card game - Right here.

You can sign up for more info direct from Looney Labs - Right here.

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Fluxx is ALMOST on your iPhone!

Just moments ago the folks at Looney Labs sent out an email with the latest news on their quest to bring the ever-changing card game to your iOS devices. They have officially submitted the app to Apple and are waiting their approval, and have set a tentative release date for Dec. 19, just in time to gift it for Christmas!

Below is the screenshot they included, and if you follow this link you too can get up-to-the-minute news as they announce Fluxx's arrival into the App Store!

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Fluxx On Your iPhone!

This just in: Looney Labs has announced that a mobile version of their hit card game Fluxx will be available on the iOS platform. The mobile version will feature local play (Pass and Play) as well as solo mode vs. AI, and asynchronous support for online multi-player support. Looney Labs has hinted at a streamlined experience, with most likely fewer rules in the "deck." It appears that the game will be the original version of the game and not one of the themed decks. You can read our full review of the original Fluxx right here. You can check out the official news from Looney Labs about the iOS version right here.


Dominion Goes Digital

The game that pretty much turned card games on their ear a few years ago is not only getting a new expansion, but it has also been announced that there will be an iOS, Android, and online version of the game releasing soon. Now you won't have to wait to gather your friends together to buy that Duchy; you can do it on the interwebs! The digital version of the game will feature single player vs. bots, multiplayer online (w/friends or random strangers), or a new "Challenge Mode" designed in conjunction with game designer Donald X. Vaccarino and app devs goko. You'll be able to play on your iPad and Android tablets, as well as from your browser via goko.com as well as on Facebook, and in Google+ hangouts (if anyone still does that). While they have given us an iPhone screen shot, there is no word on if there will be a version that scales to fit the landscape of the iPhone, or other non-tablet devices.

Goko is in the beta phase of testing right now! I've applied for the beta, and so can you.

For full details, updates, screen shots, and info on the beta test click here!

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