Kickstarter Weekly - August 28, 2014

Kickstarter Weekly - August 28, 2014

Here we are, just rolling through the month of August. GenCon is over, kids are going back to school, football season is quickly upon us, and this all means that fall is on its way. That means cold temps and the perfect weather to stay inside and play board games with friends and family! Here's a look at games that want to be on your tables in the months to come...

Let's jump in!

Let's jump in!

Featured Campaign

Clockwork Kingdom - Mr. B Games

Mr. B continues their march of big box games, having successfully funded Spurs, and Alien Uprising and getting them to market. Clockwork Kingdom is a worker placement game -which is unique to titles previously released by Mr. B, it's also set in a pretty sweet looking steampunk land as players attempt to become the next ruler of the Clockwork Kingdom. Mr. B has a great track record of delivering games as promised, and so far they've been well worth the investment! Be sure to check this one out!

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Winter Is Coming... Winter Carcassonne, That Is

carc winterAbout a year ago Z-Man Games ended up with the distribution rights to the Carcassonne franchise in the US. There's been a few expansions to come out since then, including a set of 6 mini expansions that each include a tile to a 7th expansion.

Today Z-Man announced the upcoming release of Carcassonne: Winter Edition. The announcement came through their Facebook page; very few details were given except that there will be an included Gingerbread Man expansion.

This appears to be another stand-alone version of the classic tile-laying game—this time around with a wintery, dare I say "Christmasy," theme... This is the first stand alone edition (aside from the base version) that has caught my eye, and will definitely be making its way onto my Christmas list! You can check out the post from Z-Man here.

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Celebrate Festival Season, With Dungeon Lords

480490_423655801042294_1543751912_nZ-Man games announced this morning via their FaceBook page that the Festival Season expansion for Dungeon Lords will be hitting retailer shelves by the end of the week. The expansion is said to be BIG, and adds another season to the game: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn...and now Festival. As well as other components, such as new monsters, rooms, and traps. Fans of the base game should have plenty to dig into with this one!

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When We Last Left Our Heroes...

Well, we said it at the beginning of the week... This will be a very light week, and in terms of posts this week has been fairly light. We did give you a heads up about the new expansion of King of Tokyo called Power Up! We unfortunately did not have opportunity to shoot any video during the week, but it doesn't mean we haven't been working hard behind the scenes! Stay tuned in the weeks to come as we are currently working on no less than 4 great interviews with game designers, of some games that we are pretty excited about!

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When We Last Left Our Heroes...

It's been a busy week here following Gencon (which we didn't go to...). So once again we've wrapped up all of our posts from the week and put a pretty bow on them for you! Here they are! Monday we checked in with those who DID go to Gencon!

We also took a look at some exciting news coming from Fantasy Flight Games!

Jeremiah took a cheap shot at a kids game.

We discovered that Dominion was being digitized!

Jeremiah reviewed the audacious "We Didn't Playtest This At All!"

Firestone brought us some news about the new Resistance!

The Heartland Hauling Co. Hit its first stretch goal and we got to peek at their meeples!

And Jeremiah reviewed the spaghetti western card game BANG!

It's been a busy week, but a great one! Thanks so much for all of your support and for reading our little blog! We've got more reviews, news and an interview with Ben Rosset, designer of "Mars Needs Mechanics" coming at you next week! If there are any games you would like us to review, or find more news about feel free to leave 'em in the comments below! The weekend is coming, what games are you playing?!?