Z-Man to Reprint Ricochet Robots—AKA: Box Of Headaches

ricochetDo you like puzzles? And headaches?! Well we have some good news for you!

Z-Man Games has announced they're reprinting the classic puzzler Ricochet Robots. Four boards are randomly placed down, and four robots are placed on the boards. Once a robot starts to move, it will keep moving until it hits a wall or another robot. You're trying to get certain robots to certain random targets in the fewest number of moves. With a reported 1500 different board configurations, no two games will ever be the same.

I (Firestone) have played this game only once. You know how you joke about game being "brain-burning" or that it's so dense it gives you a headache? This game seriously gave me a headache.

But some people I know (Hi William!) really love this game, and are terrific at it. Their brains are wired differently than mine...

image from BGG user mferrando

Here's what comes in the box:

8 two-sided boards

1 centerpiece

5 robots

5 Start space markers

17 Target chips

1 sand timer

1 rulebook

Z-Man's site lists this as "Currently in production" with a Fall release window.

Have you played this? Are you looking forward to it?