Like a "Boss Monster" - Kickstarter Weekly

Hey gang, we're rolling in super late in the game on this one, but it's definitely worth checking out! Brotherwise Games is totally crushing their Kickstarter campaign for Boss Monster: the Dungeon-Building Card Game. I mean their over funded by like $145,000, they've got 3 days left on the campaign and if the get $3,000 more in backing, they will have hit every stretch goal they have planned. Here's the cool thing about the campaign, it's super cheap to get in on. To get yourself a copy of the game you'll only have to buy in for $20! Ok, enough about the campaign, let's talk about the game for a minute or two. From what I can tell Boss Monster, is like the Grand Theft Auto of 8-bit side scrolling card games, in a fantasy realm setting... Instead of playing the hero or the adventurer, players take on the role of the main bad dude, and try to create a dungeon to lure as many adventurers in and then slay them. The theme sounds like a geeky good time and most of the cards look pretty silly (in a good way). There's even a surprise visit from our favorite pixelated president Pixel Lincoln!

So you've got a few days left, head on over and check it out, and maybe help them hit that last stretch goal! You can find the campaign right here!

Purge: Sins of Science--Kickstarter Weekly

Nova Forge Enterprise has  spent years developing a "No draw" real time strategy card game. The product of this work is Purge: sins of science, and a few days ago they launched a Kickstarter campaign. The game looks amazing, the artwork is top notch and from what we can tell from the overviews of gameplay, it will be a gaming experience that is both unique and engaging! Here's the kicker with this campaign, the first 100 backers will receive DOUBLE incentives! That's right, if you back it and are part of the first 100 (There are currently 62 as I write this) you'll get 2x your incentive level. The down side is, you don't get a copy of the game until you back for $65. Unlike some games on Kickstarter, Purge looks amazingly refined, Nova Forge is basically just looking for funds to put it into production, so if you're into the type of game their describing, chances are you won't find many holes in the design and development, and at higher backing tiers you'll receive the first expansion so they're already upping the re-playability.

Check out Purge: sins of science on Kickstarter RIGHT HERE!

Or dig a little further into the game on their website RIGHT HERE!

We'll be featuring a Kickstarter campaign each week here on TOG! Please contact us if you know of one that we should write about, or if you're starting up your own! We'd love to know what you're in to! Thanks for reading!