Lost Legends — Kickstarter Weekly

This week's Kickstarter project comes to us courtesy of Mike Elliott—designer of such great games as Thunderstone and Quarriors...and the far-less-great game Sword & Skull. Lost Legends is a card-drafting game from Queen Games for three to five players. You'll get a hand of cards, and choose one to equip your character or use the cards for new traits and abilities. Then you pass the leftover cards to the next person, and you'll get a batch from the player in front of you. Lather. Rinse. Repeat, until the cards are gone. Then you start kicking some monster butt—or the monsters start kicking yours...

From the Kickstarter description: At the beginning of your turn, if you do not have a monster in front of you, you must encounter a new one.  You can choose to take on the face-up monster in the middle of the table... or you can draw the top card from the monster deck.  If you don’t think it’s a good idea to fight this monster, and another player also does not have a monster in front of them, you can evade that monster and it will attack them.  But, if you do this, you then must take on the next monster from the top of the deck.

The monsters get stronger as you go through the rounds—and after three rounds the game is over. The warrior with the most points, wins.

The project has already blown past its goal, and the stretch goals include gobs of new monsters, and some new heroes, too. It sounds fun—and the artwork is way cool.

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