A Preview of the Waterdeep Expansion: Scoundrels of Skullport

SkullportCoverWizards of the Coast has given us a sneak peek at the upcoming expansion for the hit worker-placement game Lords Of Waterdeep. It's called Scoundrels of Skullport, and it actually has not one but TWO expansions in it! Plus, how sweet does that cover look?!

This preview talks about only one of the expansions: Skullport.

"Skullport includes a new resource: Corruption. Unlike Adventurers and Gold, having Corruption in your Tavern penalizes you at the end of the game. However, the Buildings, Quests, and Intrigue cards that produce Corruption also offer more plentiful rewards. Thus you must strike a balance between your greed and the potential harm of Corruption at the end of the game.

excerpt_skullport_intrigue1Each Corruption token in your Tavern at the end of the game is worth negative Victory Points. The exact negative value depends on how much Corruption has been collected throughout the game; the more corrupt you and your fellow Lords are, the more Corruption hurts your score."

This expansion also comes with new Quests, Intrigue Cards, and Buildings.

Once Wizards previews the other expansion, Undermountain, we'll be sure and bring you coverage. Thanks for reading!