What You Missed...

Smallworld2News! Reviews! Poohs! We had a cram-packed week here on the blog. First we brought you news that Z-Man Games is reprinting an old Alan Moon trick-taking game: Black Spy. And Z-Man also revealed that the anticipated game Terra Mystica will come out May 1.

We had two interviews: first was Jason Tagmire of Pixel Lincoln fame, sharing about upcoming projects. And then we interviewed Shane Steely and Jared Tinney, designers of Walk The Plank.

We also discussed some of the odd choices of the Origins Awards. And Tom Vasel gave us some behind-the-scenes info on the nomination process (in the comments).

We had a Double-Take Review of I'm The Boss: The Card Game—and we had wildly different experiences with it.

THEN, we talked about the newly announced deluxe expansion for Star Wars The Card Game—with wookies!

And finally (whew!) we talked about a bunch of new Kickstarter projects—including the new Gryphon Game Francis Drake.

Thanks for reading! We'll have more for you next week; have a great weekend!

What You Missed....

Good Friday everyone! It's that time of the week when we look back on the rest of the week and tell you , what you missed!

Monday's news brought us glad tidings of more Star Wars and more Netrunner from the busy, busy folks over at Fantasy Flight Games!

catanjrTuesday's Review was a Double-Take on one of our favorite kids games - Catan Junior.

Wednesday's Interview was with our very own Scott Firestone IV!

And our Kickstarter Weekly featured the campaign launched by The Dice Tower as they gear up for their ninth season!

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Dice Tower Launches their Season 9 Campaign—Kickstarter Weekly

Tom Vasel and the gang over at Dice Tower have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their 9th season, and have already rocketed past their funding goal. It seems that Tom has decided to make Dice Tower his full-time gig, and so they're asking their loyal fan base to help them produce more content than ever before! While the biggest reward for backing this is that you'll get to see more high-quality productions, podcasts, and reviews, Dice Tower has gone all out on some pretty cool rewards with lots of promo swag.

You can check out their campaign right here.

a8d3ce019fb7addb0226e9af391833f3_largeDice Tower has been leading the way for gaming sites, blogs and podcasts for 8 solid years and they're gearing up for year 9; here's wishing them all the best as they help promote the hobby we all love!

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