What You MIssed...

The Hobbit - Over Hill & Under HillWe had a fun and busy week here at TOG. First we had a little April Fool's joke where I said I was giving up board games. (I even convinced one of my friends for the briefest of moments....)

Then we gave you a bunch of Tolkien board game news. Is there any franchise that has more games set in its universe?

The Kickstarter Weekly was a Werewolfish game involving foxes and chickens...

Then we shared a Dr. Demento Kickstarter—for a documentary about the influential radio host.

Then we shared the unfortunate news about Zombies designer Todd Todd Breitenstein's passing, and a fund-raiser for his family.

Then we got news of the GAMA Origins Award nominees—and we shared them with you.

Thanks for joining us; have an awesome weekend.

A Fund-Raiser for the Late Zombies Designer

zombiesOn March 24, Todd Breitenstein, designer of the board game Zombies!—and its countless sequels and expansions—lost his fight with cancer. The 47-year-old is survived by his wife and three children. US distributor ACD Distribution has announced in a press release that they "will donate all of the profits from sales of all Twilight Creations' games from March 24th through April 12th to the Todd Breitenstein Benefit Fund. In addition, ACD Distribution will match whatever amount is raised in this way as an additional contribution to the fund."