A Big Rio Grande Games Release Update

GoblinsThis week Rio Grande Game posted a release update on their Facebook page. Unfortunately, it looks like Race For the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts has been pushed from two months ago to sometime this spring. Oh well...there are a BUNCH of games to play until then. "December and January have seen the release of several new games from Rio Grande Games. The games we have released are Monster Factory, Power Grid: Northern Europe/UK, Cavemen, A Fool’s Fortune, Spin Monkeys, Tzolk’in, Goblins, Inc, Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion, Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition, Copycat, Unexpected Treasures, Maria, The Doge Ship, Myrmes, and Antike:Duellum.

We have several other new games in the pipeline which we plan to release in February. These include Cinque Terre, Piñata (a rethemed version of Balloon Cup by Stephen Glenn) and Arctic Scavengers.

Later this spring we plan to release Credit Mobilier, Mogul, Dominion:The Guilds, and Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts. We also have planned several reprints for the spring:El Caballero, Tikal, Space Alert, and Space Alert: New Frontier."

I (Firestone) played Tzolk'in on Tuesday, and it was AMAZING. We'll have a full review up next week.

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Rio Grande Releases a Ton of Games At Once!

GearsWe're back in the saddle after a few days off for Christmas. On a Facebook post, Jay Tummelson—head honcho behind Rio Grande Games—announced that a slew of games should be in your local game store and online store now. This includes Monster Factory, Spin Monkeys, The Doge Ship, CopyCat, Unexpected Treasures, Power Grid: UK&N Europe, Antike Duellum, Myrmes, Tzolk'in, A Fool's Fortune, Cavemen, and Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion. I haven't heard how Tzolk'in plays, but it looks absolutely AMAZING. Check out the pic—those are actual, working gears! We'll play and review as many of these as we can. Thanks for reading, and have a great week! And check back tomorrow for a review of one of the most anticipated games of the year! (Guess which one, you will not...)