What you missed

Well, even though it's a holiday week, we certainly didn't slow down! Here's a full recap of all thing TOG this week! Monday - we brought you the first installment of our 2012 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide!

Tuesday - Firestone reviewed Star Wars: X-Wing the miniatures game

Wednesday - Speaking of Star Wars, we interviewed the one and only Eric Lang, designer of Fantasy Flight's newest Living Card Game, Star Wars The Card Game! You can read it right here.

Thursday - We gave thanks.

Friday - We brought you our second installment of the 2012 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide: Family Games!

Thanks so much for reading; check back next week for more news, reviews, interviews, and more great gift ideas for the gamers in your life!

Thank You!

Today, as we set aside a day to spend time with loved ones, and give thanks for all of the ways we've been blessed, we thought we would take a few minutes to stop, breathe, and say "Thank you!" For the past 5-ish months we have both enjoyed writing for TOG, and are truly appreciative of you. If you have ever read, retweeted, mentioned, shared, liked, or commented on a post; emailed us; been interviewed by us; or sent us a game to review, we thank you. Please keep it up; because we truly cannot do this without you. Seriously.

We hope that you've enjoyed being a part of this little blog as much as we have, and we can't wait to see what's coming down the line!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

~Firestone & Jeremiah