Star Trek Gets in on the Space-Combat Fun!

STARTREK-NECA_USS_Enterprise1Trekkers rejoice! Whether you're in the Star Trek or the Star Wars fan club, now you'll have a chance to fly through space and blast your friends into space-bits. Thanks to the popularity of Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, WizKids has licensed the movement system for the Star Trek universe. In an announcement this morning, WizKids revelaed that Star Trek: Attack Wing will come with prepainted miniatures, and will look practically identical in mechanics to the Star Wars game—including movement wheels and unique pilots to attach to each ship. They expect a GenCon release late this summer. If you're unfamiliar with the Star Wars game, you can check out our review to get an idea of the mechanics.

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Board Games Get a Geeky Apologist

Wil Wheaton has maintained his Geek cred, despite years of being everyone's favorite whipping boy from Star Trek: The Next Generation. From guest spots on The Big Bang Theory to celebrity roleplaying panels at gaming conventions, he wears his Geek Badge with pride. Well now he's bringing boardgames out of the darkness into...well, slightly less darkness. Geek & Sundry is a series of YouTube videos designed to increase the amount of unique content on the site. There are numerous "channels"—including one on fantasy and science fiction books, and one on various Dark Horse comics. Wil's hosting one called Tabletop that deals with board gaming. He and a few of his friends get together and play a game. They introduce the rules gradually and visually, and you get to see a whole game played through. The production is slick, and they skip over some of the slower parts. Depending on the guest, sometimes the banter can get off-color. But we applaud his effort to make our geeky hobby just a little more mainstream. You can check out the episode where they play Small World—with Mythbuster's Grant Imahara—here. Or the Castle Panic episode here. (Caution: language.)

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'Give You Brick For Ore? Highly Illogical….'

Mayfair Games, who never met a franchise that couldn’t use the word “Catan” attached to it, have recently announced Star Trek: Catan. The game will feature resource collecting, a variable board, and the help of the original series’ characters through the play of support cards. How, exactly, it differs from the original we won’t know until GenCon next month, where Mayfair will be previewing the game. Perhaps the most interesting piece of the announcement is that the new game will be sold exclusively through Target stores.

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