What You Missed

If you haven't been around this week, you've missed out on some fine blog posts here at TOG! Let's take a quick look back, as we move into the weekend! The News on Monday: Z-Man Games is releasing an English version of Robinson Crusoe, a co-op game of island survival!

The Review on Tuesday: Firestone reviewed Donald X. Vaccarino's Gauntlet of Fools.

The Interview on Wednesday: This week's interview featured Jesse Catron as he discussed his new Kickstarter campaign, Salmon Run, a racing, deck-builder with a fishy theme.

Kickstarter Weekly on Thursday: We featured the campaign of the converse version of Castle Panic! Known as Storm the Castle!

Also Today, we've added another little page to our humble site titled "Get Your Game Reviewed", enjoy!

Stay tuned next week, or else you'll miss more news, reviews, and interviews, including a very special, presidential interview with a very special guest, don't miss it!

Thanks again for reading, and have a great weekend everyone!