Vikings: Warriors of the North—Essen Release

Vikings By Jeremiah

Well we all know my obsession with pirate-type games, and vikings are pretty much pirates of the frozen north, so this one looks right up my alley.

Essen, the BIG con over in Europe, is coming up soon, and like any major con we're seeing an influx of games that are releasing around that time. has announce that Vikings: Warriors of the North, a 3-4 player adventure/area control/battle/card-driven/dice-rolling game will be available at Essen. The game looks to be thematically what you'd expect from a viking game: sailing to islands, looting, pillaging, stealing daughters to take back to port with you. Wait, what? Okay, maybe this isn't one for me...

Have you been checking out the news on the latest releases scheduled to make their debut at Essen? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know down in the comments!

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Carcassonne Around the World!

SudseeImpossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. - Napoleon Bonaparte

Some may say that it's impossible to catch up with the popularity of the likes of Monopoly and Settlers of Catan, but Carcassonne is doing its best to pump out fresh versions, expansions, and editions of the game until the market is oversaturated. Hans im Gluck, publisher of Carcassonne, announced the franchise's next step toward that end.

Carcassonne: Sudsee will be released on October 21 of this year, as the franchise continues its trip around the world. Some would say it's impossible to build the French city in such places as North America, or...I don't know...a tropical island? But those are the words of fools!

Sudsee tilesSudsee will keep "the familiar tile-laying gameplay of the original Carcassonne, with players adding a tile to the playing area each round and optionally placing a token on the tile to claim ownership of...something. Instead of the familiar cities, roads and farms, however, players in Carcassonne: Südsee use their meeples to gather bananas, shellfish and fish, then ship those goods to traders in exchange for points."

Can't get enough Carcassonne? Want to see it in more places? You're in luck, because this is being touted as the first in a series dubbed "Carcassonne Around the World".

What do you think? Will you pick up the newest iteration of the tile placing classic? Is it necessary?

Hot Off the Press!

Just minutes ago Alderac Entertainment Group posted this picture of Paul Peterson's new Awesome Level 9ooo expansion for Smash Up. It's an ACTUAL box that is making its way to store for International TableTop day later this month! Follow all the linky text above to find our complete coverage! And enjoy oooing, and aaahing over the photo!

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The Lord of the Rings Dice-Building Game—Order NOW!

lotr-article-main1 If there's one thing that continues to baffle myself (Jeremiah) and probably Firestone too, it's that most game companies don't publicize street dates/release dates for their titles.

For instance, this last December we were expecting the Star Wars card game from Fantasy Flight to hit stores in January. Turns out it was on shelves in December, with little fanfare from Fantasy Flight themselves. Anyway...I say all of that to say this.

Over on Amazon they're taking orders for Wizkids' latest dice-building title: The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game. According to Amazon they will be shipping the game on February 28, which means there's a good chance it could hit shelves the same day—if not sooner. We're both big fans of Quarriors, and the dice-building mechanic; add to that the spiffy Tolkien theme and we're pretty much in hog heaven!

You can order the game on Amazon Right HERE!

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