Big X-Wing News From GenCon: Big Ships!

This is just a transport—NOT one of the ships from the game. There was lots of news coming out of GenCon this year, but one of the biggest was Fantasy Flight's announcement that they're fudging the scale of X-Wing Miniatures to accommodate some big ships.

It seems that Fantasy Flight is coming out with some large rebel ships, which include the Tantive IV (a Rebel blockade runner), and the Rebel transport. These ships are massive, and EXPENSIVE! ($90 and $60, respectively.)

This is not, apparently, wave 4—that has yet to be announced.

They also announced two new modes of play: Epic and Campaign. The Epic gameplay will be just that: big maps with lots of ships and big point totals. This is the only way the big ships make and sense, as they just wouldn't fit into the game currently. The FF folks were also quick to point out that this isn't replacing anything; this is only an additional option for those who want to use those bigger ships.

The Campaign play will be a series of linked narrative scenarios that are story-driven, and not necessarily balanced.

What do you think about this? Will you be buying any of these?