The Card Game of OZ—Kickstarter Weekly

Scarecrow220The folks at Game Salute/Springboard have made their way to Kickstarter again, with The Card Game of Oz. The game looks gorgeous, with a full complement of wonderfully illustrated cards, and some cool-looking story dice. The game uses a new "Storyline" engine, which, according to the campaign, works something like this: "A storyline is laid out before you. It is your job, as Author of your own Oz story, to populate it with characters. Each character's vitality is worth so many points to the story. At the end of the game, the Author whose characters have the greatest total vitality wins the game."

004NewPrintLike most Kickstarter campaigns, you can get in for as little as a dollar, and at the $40 level you get a copy of the game (shipping included). Game Salute and Springboard have a long history of bringing great games to market and this one appears to be no exception to that rule!

You can check out the Kickstarter page right here!

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