Kickstarter Weekly

Welcome to Kickstart Weekly! We're toying around with the schedule for this post so today, you get it on a Saturday! Enjoy! coupCoup - The Resistance - Indie Boards and Cards is currently launching a Resistance themed version of Coup, a card game of bluffing, and deception! If you've been reading TOG for any amount of time you know that we're big fans of The Resistance titles and are looking forward to yet another addition to the franchise! Check out the campaign here, you can jump in and get a copy of the game fairly inexpensively!



galactic strikeGreater Than Games - Galactic Strike Force: The Cooperative Deck Building Game The same folks who brought you Sentinels of the Multiverse are bringing you another deckbuiler, this one is set in a sci-fi universe in which players are working together towards a common goal. The game looks cool, and GTG has a great track record of bringing quality games to market. Follow this link for their Kickstarter Campaign.



galaxy def gameboxAres Games - Galaxy Defenders, a co-op miniatures game. Another sci-fi co-op game, this time using miniatures players will fend off an intergalactic invasion! The miniature prototypes displayed on the campaign are looking slick! We don't usually cover miniatures games, but this one looks like it breaks out of the typical genre box. You'll find out more right here.




PL-Bicycle1Pixel Lincoln Playing Cards Funded!! Our good friend Jason Tagmire and his pixelated pal along with the good folks over at Game Salute, have done it again, the Pixel Lincoln themed Bicycle deck has funded and they managed to knock off a few stretch goals along the way! Congrats, to Jason, Game Salute, and Pixel Lincoln! Find out more here! And read our most recent interview with Jason here!



52529401f6037bebd4868af5a457e719_largeFollowing up: Machine of Death -

This game crushed it's campaign bringing in over half a million! A big congrats to David Malki and the gang for hitting another home run with their twisted concept of fate, and death. Best of luck! See what the hub-bub is about right here! And read our interview with David right here.



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A-Wing Sneak Peek from Fantasy Flight!

box-SWX08-right Fantasy Flight has announced that the second wave of starships for X-Wing are hitting retailers on Feb. 28.

They also gave a sneak preview of the A-Wing, with a look at the two new pilot cards and the maneuver dial—this is by far the fastest and most maneuverable rebel ship yet!

This second wave of single-ship expansions will also feature such iconic ships as the Millennium Falcon, the Slave I, and the TIE Interceptor. So players' fleets will be bolstered considerably with this new round of ships!

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What You Missed...

It's been a busy week for us... Unfortunately, not because of the blog, but because of life. So it's been an unusual week, but here is what we have been up to this week! Enjoy! Star Wars X-WingThere is a lot of news flying around this time of year and here are some of the new announcements we brought you - Fantasy Flight Announces the Kessel Run for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures.

Looney Labs announced the near completion of the Fluxx iOS app.

And AEG announced the first expansion for Smash Up!

Firestone also posted a review to "Get Bit!"

And we've added  yet another installment of the 2012 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide!

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More X-Wing News!

So, we're pretty big Star Wars geeks when it gets right down to it. And we're excited to see more news about the upcoming release of X-Wing. Fantasy Flight rolled out some more info on their upcoming X-Wing miniatures game this week, this time they gave us some info on the first expansion for the title. I'd say it's more of an add-on than an expansion. It features one T-65 X-Wing. It also has some ship cards, two new pilots (including the ever-so-skilled Wedge Antilles) and a few other customizable features. The ships themselves look fantastic and the buzz is pretty good surrounding this game. Although there's no word on when this single-fighter expansion will release, my guess is they'll be getting them to market pretty quickly to capitalize on the release-date fever.

If you're heading to GenCon to play X-Wing, be sure to check back here and let us know what you thought of it!

Thanks for reading! You can see Fantasy Flight's full post here.

X-Wing - Stay on Target!

Good News - Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the long awaited release of X-Wing their newest miniatures game, will launch and be available as soon as GenCon '12 kicks off, and they'll sell them until they run dry. Then beginning Friday morning of the con, they will start official sanctioned tournaments for the game under their governing body of FFG Organized Play. They demo'd the game at last year's GenCon and gamers have been clamoring for it ever since then. Bad News - There isn't much bad news here, with the exception that I'm not going to be attending Gen Con this year so I'll have to wait to get my hands on X-Wing until it hits shelves locally.

Click here for Fantasy Flight's full story.

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