To Boldly Go--A Double-Take Review of Tiny Epic Galaxies

To Boldly Go--A Double-Take Review of Tiny Epic Galaxies

For today's review we're visiting another game in the Tiny Epic series from Gamelyn Games: Tiny Epic Galaxies. TEG follows Tiny Epic Kingdoms (see our review here) and Tiny Epic Defenders (see our review here). And just like Kingdoms and Defenders, Galaxies is not just a re-theming/re-skinning of one basic game. Kingdoms is a 4X game, Defenders is a co-op, and Galaxies is a....dice roller! Is Tiny Epic Galaxies out of this world, or should it be sent into a black hole? Let's take a look!

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Answering the Call - an Interview with Michael Coe and Scott Almes

Answering the Call - an Interview with Michael Coe and Scott Almes

Well, the gaming world was rocked by another bomb dropped by the Arizona-based publisher Gamelyn Games, as they announced an expansion to last year’s smash hit Tiny Epic Kingdoms. Joining us today are Michael Coe, founder and big cheese of Gamelyn, and Scott Almes, designer extraordinaire, to chat with us about the new expansion, and all things Gamelyn and Tiny… and epic…

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Tiny Epic Galaxies--A Preview

Tiny Epic Galaxies--A Preview

"I am Groot."

-Guardians of the Galaxy

Today we get to take a look at the latest title in the Tiny Epic series: Tiny Epic Galaxies. TEG follows Tiny Epic Kingdoms (see our review here) and Tiny Epic Defenders (our review is coming!). And just like Kingdoms and Defenders, Galaxies is not just a re-theming/re-skinning of one basic game. Kingdoms is a 4X game, Defenders is a co-op, and Galaxies is.... a dice roller! Let's take a look!


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Gen Con: The Aftermath--Part One

Gen Con: The Aftermath--Part One

Some of you might know that I (Jeremiah) went to GenCon last weekend in Indianapolis. Now, before we go any further, let me say this: I've been to Origins every year since 2009. Big. Deal. The last two years at Origins, I've brought along some help in covering the convention, and was able to shoot some video interviews for our YouTube channel, and make some really great connections along the way. If there's one thing I've learned in those two trips to Origins, it's this: It is really hard to cover a convention in one day and truly get a handle on exactly what is going on there... So I went to GenCon by myself (no help this time) and gave myself a whopping day and a half to try and cover the largest gaming event on the continent... Here's Part One of what I came up with!

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An Interview With Michael Coe: Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Dungeon Heroes, and More

TinyEpicJoining us once again is Gamelyn Games guy, Michael Coe. Today we get to have a little chat about some exciting news as Gamelyn has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Tiny Epic Kingdoms!

Michael, thanks again for joining us; we appreciate your time!

So before we get started on Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Last time we chatted we were discussing Dungeon Heroes. We can only assume most of your efforts recently have been directed toward Tiny Epic Kingdoms, but has there been anything new in the works for Dungeon Heroes? Expansions? Multiplayer mechanics?

Both actually, Dungeon Heroes offers a rich canvas in which to paint multiple expansions and variants. I’m currently working hard on putting together a 4-player Dungeon Heroes. Likely, a new game altogether but keeping true to the original concept and engine of Dungeon Heroes. Along those lines, I’m excited to announce that Dungeon Heroes will be coming to iOS this summer!!

If yes, do you have any estimate for a timetable that these plans will be unveiled?

I’d really like to have something ready to show this summer. I plan to release Dungeon Heroes on iOS at Origins this year. I hope to have a new DH to demo there are well.

You recently posted photos of a hard copy of Fantasy Frontiers over on Kickstarter; How soon will Fantasy Frontier show up in the mail for backers, and on the shelves at our FLGS?

Fantasy Frontier is on schedule for an estimated delivery to KS backers in May. It will be released to general distribution at Origins 2014 in June.

Describe the feeling of actually holding, and opening a copy of your game after so much time and effort has gone into it. Is there anything you would have done differently with Fantasy Frontier? Or any lesson you learned that will be applied to the Tiny Epic Kingdoms campaign and production?

Assuming you played with LEGOs as a child, do you remember the feeling of completing a large set? Setting that last brick into place… taking a step back and looking over your masterpiece? There was an intangible and magical experience that went along with that. An experience that is difficult to capture as an adult. That is how it feels to open a copy of a game you made!

So far, the conception through production of Fantasy Frontier has been a dream project. The plan I set forth has been both enjoyable and successful. The only thing I would have changed, and will not likely do in the future, are the GIANT Meeples. Yes, they were their own project as well but I offered some with Fantasy Frontier too. They look great! But ultimately they are too heavy and I end up losing too much money on them.

Hold me closer, tiny gooooblins...

Okay, let’s talk about Tiny Epic Kingdoms! So...It’s a game about kingdoms that are both tiny AND epic… Give us, if you would, a quick overview of the game—its style and mechanics!

Tiny Epic Kingdoms is the biggest game you will ever play in a small box. It is a quest and conquer game. Players will use a community action selection system to eXpand, eXplore, eXploit and eXterminate. TEK manages to deliver a rich 4x experience in a short and small package. Something that has not been done this well in the past.

How did Gamelyn Games end up with this title?

Scott caught wind that I was taking submissions for small games and gave me a holler. I looked it over, played it, and told him, “You let me publish this game and I will do wonders with it!” The rest is history in the making.

What has been different about preparing to publish a game that you haven’t designed?

Getting to know the game inside and out. Getting the game to the table enough to be accused of eating, sleeping, and breathing Tiny Epic Kingdoms. As a publisher, it’s important to have a second-nature relationship with the game you're creating. This occurs naturally as the designer but takes some special attention when not.

What can you tell us about any stretch goals that you have planned for the campaign?

Stretch goals of all sorts have been unlocked. This includes many material upgrades, extra factions, extra maps and even a mini-expansion is on the horizon if we can reach 200k.

If all goes as planned, when will we see Tiny Epic Kingdoms hit the shelves?

The game is scheduled for an estimated delivery to the KS backers by September 2014. I would like to release into general distribution at this year’s BGG.CON in November.

Okay...time for a TINY and EPIC Lightning Round!

Favorite Smurf?

uh… papa!

The theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey or Flight of the Valkyries?  

Space Odyssey

billy-bartyBilly Barty or Kenny Baker?

ooO both legendary and both in movies I love. I’m going Billy Barty on this one!

Favorite short story?

The Neverending Story! That’s short right!? ;)

Great Wall of China or the Grand Canyon?

Not fair; I live near the Grand Canyon so I may suffer from a case of “the grass is always greener”... nah, I don’t! Grand Canyon!

Thanks so much, Michael, for joining us today. And head on over to the Kickstarter campaign and get your very own copy of Tiny Epic Kingdoms. They're CRUSHING it, and have already knocked off 17 stretch goals.

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TOG Visual - Michael Coe and Dungeon Heroes!

DungeonHeroesBox4_zps46bd4d57One of our first stops at Origins was the Gamelyn Games booth, where we had a little chat with Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games and designer of Dungeon Heroes, a fun little 2-player dungeon crawl with outstanding components.

We'll be writing a full-out Double-Take Review of Dungeon Heroes very soon, but until we do you can get a good feel of the game from watching the video. [youtube=] We'd like to thank Michael for sharing some time with us, and look forward to reviewing Dungeon Heroes soon!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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