Maximum Throwdown - A Single-Take Review

Maximum Throwdown - A Single-Take Review

"You're just mad... 'cause tonight you suckas got served!"

~You Got Served

 Today we're taking a look at the dexterity game full of boasting, challenging, trash talking--Maximum Throwdown, by Jason Tagmire. It's published by Alderac Entertainment Group and features a fair amount of throwing-down--in fact, you could say it's the maximum amount of throwing-down found in a game.

So is Maximum Throwdown worthy of claiming supremacy in the throwdown department? It's time to find out! 

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Maximum Throwdown is Here!

MT-3D-box1-300x215That's right Maximum Throwdown, Jason Tagmire's card flinging game has arrived! Well.. Not in our grubby little hands yet, but you can pick up your own copy from the retailer of your choice, and that's the important thing.

We're still catching up with some of the big news to come out of GenCon, and this is pretty newsworthy! Jason sat down with us a few months ago and gave a demo of Maximum Throwdown (you can watch that here), and we're excited to finally see some images of the AEG branding of the game. Jason posted a description of the game's different factions over on AEG's site, right here, as well.

Maximum Throwdown has been referred to as an amped-up version of FlowerFall; the idea is that players are tossing cards on the table and trying to cover up powers and points of their opponents. It's a good mix of dexterity and strategy. And for a price point of $19.99 is pretty much a no-brainer for folks who are looking for a solid, fun, filler-type game.

Thanks for reading. Did you go to GenCon? What games are we missing that you were excited about? Hit us up!


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