You Got Kemet in My Cyclades!

C3KCoverBy Firestone A weuro is a wargame (usually a lighter one) that has definite Euro mechanisms in it. Wallenstein was one of the first of these—or at least the first to become popular. Other notable examples include Friedrich and A Game of Thrones.

I usually don't play these sort of games, because I'm generally not aggressive enough to do well at them. But I've played two weuros from Matagot in the last 6 months that have completely captured me, and made me a convert: Cyclades and Kemet. cycladesminis

Each of them rewards aggressive behavior (particularly Kemet), but they also have special power cards, interesting auctions, and other Euro mechanics. Oh...and did I mention the MONSTERS?! Both games are also known for adding monsters to the mix. You can recruit mythological Greek monsters to help you in Cyclades (minotaur, kraken, Polyphemus, etc.), and Egyptian monsters in Kemet (giant scarab, giant scorpion, mummy, etc.). There are detailed miniatures that are sure to turn the heads of anyone passing by your game table.

Both games are just terrific and clever and worth playing. And now there's even more reason! Matagot has announced that they'll have a mini expansion available at Essen (and later through Asmodee). C3K, which stands for "Creatures Crossover Cyclades/Kemet," is seven cards for Cyclades and six power tiles for Kemet that allow you to use monsters from one game in the other.


According to Matagot's description, "With this expansion added to Kemet, the Greek Legends join the fight, bringing new powers to your army. Now you can make the Kraken appear in the Nile River and benefit from its strength, use Medusa's deadly stare to destroy enemy shields, and more.

With this expansion added to Cyclades, you can hire Egyptian Reinforcements, a new type of troop that comes with a special attack. Use the Mummy to raise fallen enemies into troops under your control, use the Elephant to improve your dice rolls, and more."

The expansion will NOT come with the monsters, so you'll have to own copies of each game.

Have you played one or both of these games? What did you think? Are you excited about this news? Thanks for reading! And make sure you connect with us on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.