Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess—Bonus Kickstarter Weekly!

LokaCoverThere are so many great Kickstarter projects right now that we're bringing you a bonus campaign this week! It's Mantic Games' Loka: The World of Fantasy Chess. They're trying to raise enough money to offer four unique chess factions, based on the four elements—Water is still locked up. There are lots and lots of options and rewards—it's the sort of campaign where you can find yourself spending a lot of money before you know it. But the sculpts are pretty cool looking! It looks like it plays rather like chess—but with new and different rules. Some of those new rules include:

sculptsChoose your army - Each player get to choose which pieces they put onto the board, meaning both players command different armies on the battlefield – do you field a small but elite force with three Queens, or do you go for a mass horde of Pawns?

Fantasy Scenery – Change the shape of the battlefield with movement blocking terrain that alters the path you’ll take into combat.

Dice Driven Combat – a simple and elegant system using eight sided dice adds some unpredictability to combat, placing extra emphasis on strategy and positioning as pieces build in power with support from their comrades.

Not sure how it will all shake out, but if you're interested in chess at all, you might want to consider checking out this campaign.

Thanks for reading!