Star Wars The Card Game Videos Are Up!

box-SWLCG-leftAs if we weren't already excited about Star Wars The Card Game, Fantasy Flight just posted five tutorial videos that give you a good idea how the game will play—and make you drool in excitement. Looks pretty fun! Hopefully at least one of us will get this for Christmas, and we'll give you a report ASAP.

You can check out our interview with designer Eric Lang right here, or go watch the tutorial videos right here!

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Third Expansion For Netrunner—First One Still Not Available

So we don't have an interview this week, but we're working on a couple cool ones, so stay tuned. In the meantime, Fantasy Flight announced Cyber Exodus, the third expansion for Netrunner—which would be more exciting if the first one was available yet. Aww...who am I kidding? It's still exciting! I (Firestone) have played Netrunner a few times now, and it's pretty stinking fun. I'm working on the review, and I should have it in the next week or so.