Happy International Tabletop Day 2015--Plus a Big Amazon Sale!

Happy International Tabletop Day 2015--Plus a Big Amazon Sale!

If you're a part of the gaming community and haven't been completely sequestered under a rock/in a cave/in your mom's basement you surely know that today is our unofficial holiday known as International Tabletop Day! Gaming stores, Web sites, and YouTube channels are holding special events, sales and just having a generally geeky good time. What are you up to on this joyous day?!

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Play a Game on April 5th: International TableTop Day

thumbs_tabletopday2014_600x500In case you haven't heard, International TableTop Day is Saturday, April 5.  This is an event created by TableTop host Wil Wheaton that encourages people to get together and play games with friends, family, and strangers. Last year there were 3,123 gaming events in 64 countries worldwide, and they're hoping to blow the doors off of that this year.

You can go to the TableTop Day Web site and register an event, find an event, and get all of the details.

And the fine folks at TableTop asked us to write a guest blog; you can check out our post while you're over there!

Thanks for reading! Will you be attending an International TableTop Day event? Did you go last year? Let us know in the comments!

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Giving Up Board Games...

crossBy Firestone So Saturday was International TableTop Day, and as I sat there in the 4th hour of my game of Exodus: Proxima Centauri, it hit me: This is boring. Do this. Draw that. Roll a crapload of dice. ROLL ANOTHER 1, WHEN I REALLY NEEDED ANYTHING OTHER THAN A 1. Attack. Be attacked. Lose by 2 VPs. What's the point?

So I went home, talked to my wife about it, and decided I'm going to quit boardgaming. Forever. I'm selling my collection—pennies on the dollar, so make me an offer. I also talked to Jeremiah about it, and he's been thinking the same thing. It's all just so much...fluff.

So we're starting a new blog. We hope you'll come check us out, and thanks for reading our inane posts over the last 9 months. We truly appreciate it.

And you should seriously think about giving up board games—or should we say, "bored games..."