What You Missed...

PandemicWe've got some great things coming up for the site—including some Best Of 2012 awards. In the meantime, here are some posts from this week that you might have missed.

First we told you about a new, cheaper version of Reiner Knizia's Ingenious from Fantasy Flight Games. And Jeremiah has already spotted one of these in his local Books-A-Million store.

Z-Man Games announced a new version of Pandemic. This will have a new art style, and two new roles. Check out the news, and designer Matt Leacock's announcement video here.

We reviewed Asmodee's fun, creative, family game Dixit.

We shared some news about 12 Realms being printed in Germany to save shipping for those across the pond.

Our Kickstarter Weekly was the new 4x space game Hegemonic.

And finally, Wizkids gave us some more details about The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game.

Next week we'll have a Double-Take Review of Mayfair's Catan Jr. Thanks for reading!

Be Ingenious More Affordably...

IngeniouscoverFantasy Flight Games has announced a "mass market edition" of Reiner Knizia's award-winning abstract Ingenious. The game remains the same, but rather than the tiles being made of plastic, this edition will be made of punchboard. Also, rather than stands to hold the tiles, there are slots in the board that hold the tiles. Finally, the game comes in a smaller box that before. All of this means a cheaper MSRP, and an easier entry point for nongamers. tilesI (Firestone) am not a huge fan of abstracts, but this is one of the few that hits a sweet spot for me. It has simple rules, but deep play. It's fun and a challenge for both gamers and nongamers alike. Plus, it has the classic Knizia scoring where your final score is whatever your lowest color is at the end of the game—it's fiendish and wonderful. This should be hitting shelves sometime in the next month or so. Check it out! And thanks for reading!