The 12 Days of Christmas Contest!

The 12 Days of Christmas Contest!

Hey gang! Well, we’ve been teasing this for a while, and it’s finally here!

Its our (not really) annual 12 Days of Christmas Contest!

What’s that mean? It means that very soon, for 12 days in a row, we’re giving away some super awesome prizes! How do you enter?! Great question. The easiest way to enter is to CLICK HERE there are also some social media posts that will get you entries for liking and sharing, and, of course you can SCAN THE CODE! (If you know, then you know.)

Here’s a breakdown of the the prizes!

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More Smash Up, X-Wing Tiles, and Free Stuff from Mayfair!

smashcoverAlderac has officially unofficially announced today that there will be yet another expansion for the hit Paul Peterson title Smash Up, releasing in August. It will feature 4 new factions taking on the same format as Awesome Level 9000. With a few twists. From Alderac's Facebook page: There have already been a lot of questions about more Smash Up, so we'll let you know there is another set of 4 factions coming in August! For the first time, this set has an overall theme running through the factions. Each is distinct, with its own focus mechanically and visually, but there is a common thread that runs through all of them. Speculate away! We interviewed designer Paul Peterson a few months ago, you can check out our interview and see if he left any clues for us on this third expansion...


Fantasy Flight has announced that they are releasing a Tile/Battlefield kit for their X-Wing Miniatures game. The set comes with 12 tiles each measuring a square foot, and featuring iconic locations in the Star Wars Universe. They look slick, and appear to offer a great, and FLAT, surface to hold your battles on! Check out the photo we've included. And you can see the official info on Fantasy Flight's site here.

catan protoAnd finally the deadline is quickly approaching to enter Mayfair's giveaway for a prototype copy of the new Catan expansion Explorers & Pirates! Go follow this link to enter; it's easy!

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More Free Stuff!

Earlier this week we reviewed a fun little party game called, What's it to Ya? Today we launch a contest to win yourself a free copy!

So, here's how it works, it's pretty simple, just follow this link RIGHT HERE! And like our Facebook page to enter! And that's it!

We'll close entries at midnight on Friday Aug. 3rd, so head on over and get your entries in!

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In Case You Were Waiting for the Last Minute!

Well this is it! The last minute!! Tonight at the stroke of midnight we'll no longer be excepting entries for our contest to win a free copy of the Resistance!! What's that you say? You STILL haven't entered, but you want to? Well never fear. Just follow this link and a few simple steps, and you'll be all set! We'll announce the winner on Monday, July 23! So be sure to check back to see who the lucky winner is, it could be YOU! Thanks so much for being a part of this contest, and for telling your friends about our little blog here! We've had a great kickoff so far and look forward to informing and entertaining you all in the days to come!