Fantasy Flight Announces the First Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game!

It's official, we're excited. And as if the eminent release of Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: The Card Game wasn't enough, they've already announced the first Force Pack for the game. The game's first expansion cycle with be the Hoth Cycle, with the first Force Pack being  "The Desolation of Hoth." It's a little surprising they're jumping ahead in the saga to an Empire theme; I'm chalking it up to Fantasy Flight wanting to start out strong. And I wouldn't be surprised if they have the schedule lined up to continue through and drop them right in line with the upcoming release Episode VII. (There's four words I thought I'd never type!)

Over on the official Fantasy Flight page they are giving some great detail and overview of the pack. You can check it out here!

It's an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan, and a gamer; look out as worlds are about to collide, again!

Thanks for reading!