CONTEST! Win a Copy of Tower of Madness from Smirk & Dagger!

CONTEST! Win a Copy of Tower of Madness from Smirk & Dagger!

We LOVE giving away stuff! It's fun, it helps out our listeners, and everyone loves getting games in the mail! 

So we've got a special contest happening right now, and there is no hard timetable!

Here are the details:

It's quite easy to get in on, simply go to our Patreon Page, and become a patron of our site at any level (yes, for as little as $1/month) once we hit 25 patrons, we will pick a winner from the first 25 patrons and send them a copy of Tower of Madness from Smirk & Dagger!

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TOG's Top Rated!

TOG's Top Rated!

Happy Monday! We've got some pretty fun news in the world of Theology of Games--at least, we think it is... Some of you are super observant, and have noticed a brand new tab up top, while others may have been tipped off by the email you received or the tweet you scrolled past. But we've launched our top recommendations list that will now permanently live on the site: TOG's Top Rated! 

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Keyforge - What's a Quadrillion!?

Keyforge - What's a Quadrillion!?

Some of the biggest news to come out of Gen Con is from Fantasy Flight, and one of the biggest, most epic, colossal  names in game design: Richard Garfield. (He designed this little card game called Magic the Gathering, maybe you've heard of it?) The title I'm talking about today is Keyforge. Keyforge: Call of the Archons (to be accurate), is a 1 vs. 1 card game where players are racing to forge keys (get it? Key.... Forge?) that unlock the vaults of an artificial work at the center of the universe... Ok, ok, that’s a paper thin theme, but what's fascinating, mind-blowing, and seemingly near impossible here is the fact that the game features decks, that are completely, 100% unique. As the Fantasy Flight website says "What this means for KeyForge is that every deck in existence is utterly unique and different from every other deck."

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Alive and Well: Fantasy Flight Launches an App and Announces a New Expansion for Descent

Alive and Well: Fantasy Flight Launches an App and Announces a New Expansion for Descent

Ever since Imperial Assault burst onto the scene like a rampaging Wampa, there have been questions about whether this meant Fantasy Flight will slowly (or quickly) kill Descent. Well rumors of Descent's death have been greatly exaggerated. The Road to Legend app is live now, and FF just announced a brand new expansion: The Chains That Rust. Long live Descent!

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Fantasy Flight Releases the Trollfens Expansion for Descent 2.0

Trollfens By Firestone

Fantasy Flight has released another "small" expansion for its hit dungeon-crawler, RPG, board game Descent—this time you'll be taking a trip to the dangerous Trollfens...

The game comes with two new Heroes—Roganna the Shade, and Augur Grisom— and two new Classes—the Stalker and the Healer.

For monsters, you'll see Plague Worms, Harpies, and Bol'Goreth, a huge troll who will get his own miniature in an upcoming Lieutenant Pack.

There are also five new quests that you can add to your campaign, or play as one-offs. Finally, there are some new terrain tiles that add a swampy terrain that can hold both treasures and dangers.

infectiontokensChime in! Have you played Descent? Are you excited for this? Is Fantasy Flight coming out with too many expansions too quickly?

More Smash Up, X-Wing Tiles, and Free Stuff from Mayfair!

smashcoverAlderac has officially unofficially announced today that there will be yet another expansion for the hit Paul Peterson title Smash Up, releasing in August. It will feature 4 new factions taking on the same format as Awesome Level 9000. With a few twists. From Alderac's Facebook page: There have already been a lot of questions about more Smash Up, so we'll let you know there is another set of 4 factions coming in August! For the first time, this set has an overall theme running through the factions. Each is distinct, with its own focus mechanically and visually, but there is a common thread that runs through all of them. Speculate away! We interviewed designer Paul Peterson a few months ago, you can check out our interview and see if he left any clues for us on this third expansion...


Fantasy Flight has announced that they are releasing a Tile/Battlefield kit for their X-Wing Miniatures game. The set comes with 12 tiles each measuring a square foot, and featuring iconic locations in the Star Wars Universe. They look slick, and appear to offer a great, and FLAT, surface to hold your battles on! Check out the photo we've included. And you can see the official info on Fantasy Flight's site here.

catan protoAnd finally the deadline is quickly approaching to enter Mayfair's giveaway for a prototype copy of the new Catan expansion Explorers & Pirates! Go follow this link to enter; it's easy!

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Daybreak—Fantasy Flight Expands Battlestar Galactica

BSG04_3Dbox-LeftFantasy Flight has just announced a huge expansion to their epic board game iteration of Battlestar Galactica. Daybreak seemingly brings the game full circle and concludes the series as the gameplay focuses on the twilight of Galactica, and the growing plight of both Humans and Cylons. From Fantasy Flight:

The Daybreak expansion for Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game brings humanity’s plight to its gripping climax! With two supplemental game boards and hundreds of cards and tokens, Daybreak invites players to undertake desperate missions, struggle under the constant threat of mutiny, and bargain with Cylon Leaders driven by motives of their own.

Daybreak includes:

  • 1 Demetrius Game Board, 1 Rebel Basestar Game Board, 2 overlays, and 1 rulebook
  • 12 Character Sheets and plastic Character Stands
  • 27 new tokens and markers
  • 129 new cards
  • 8 plastic figures

You can find all the info here.

Find all things BSG board game on Amazon here.

I'm (Jeremiah) hoping to get my hands on this expansion soon. I've been a big fan of the base game for some time now (read my review of it here). Have you kept up with the other 2 expansions for the game? Have a favorite? Share it here! Have a favorite Battlestar memory or moment? Share it here! We all miss the series too!

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Oh, What a Wookie!

SWC08-box-rightChewbacca is on the scene in Star Wars The Card Game. Fantasy flight has announced the first deluxe expansion of the game "Edge of Darkness" adds 22 new objective sets, which is a total of 132 cards, adding two new affiliations: DS Scum and Villainy and the LS Smugglers and Spies. It's within this deluxe expansion that Fantasy Flight revealed today (4/10/13) that the objective set "Wookiee Life Debt" will in fact feature Chewbacca himself. And at a quick glance he will be ready to tear into the Empire and deal some serious damage, even if he takes damage during an encounter! It's not wise to upset this wookiee.

chewbaccaWe're still waiting on the multiplayer expansion for this game, to really see the full potential of the title, but from looking at the new wookie objective set, LS players have been given some much-needed fire power to stand up to the Empire.

You can find the full review of the new objective set here.

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Star Wars The Card Game Videos Are Up!

box-SWLCG-leftAs if we weren't already excited about Star Wars The Card Game, Fantasy Flight just posted five tutorial videos that give you a good idea how the game will play—and make you drool in excitement. Looks pretty fun! Hopefully at least one of us will get this for Christmas, and we'll give you a report ASAP.

You can check out our interview with designer Eric Lang right here, or go watch the tutorial videos right here!

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