Euphoria--A Double-Take Review

Euphoria--A Double-Take Review

Today we're looking at Stonemaier Games' sophomore offering Euphoria, the dystopian worker-placement game set in a future world where it's good to keep your workers dumb and happy, not educated and angry. You win by exercising your authority on the land and placing all of your tokens on the board to show that you can keep those little people under your thumb.

Sounds like a super happy fun time right? Read on to see what we think... 

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Euphoria!—A Bonus Kickstarter Weekly

Box FinalJeremiah is still going to have a Kickstarter Weekly roundup tomorrow, but we thought we'd highlight a new Kickstarter campaign from Friend Of the Blog, Jamey Stegmaier! Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia is a worker-placement game that "incorporates mechanical elements of Alien Frontiers, Tzolk'in, and The Resistance with thematic inspirations from dystopian fiction like The Hunger Games, Fahrenheit 451, Wool, and Brave New World.

In Euphoria, you lead a team of workers (dice) and recruits (cards) to claim ownership of the dystopian world. You will generate commodities, dig tunnels to infiltrate the opposition, construct markets, collect artifacts, strengthen allegiances, and fulfill secret agendas." Sounds fun!

And once again, Jamey is so confident in his product that he's offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Euphoria is already fully funded, and they're almost to the level that scores everyone some sweet steampunk dice, so hop on over and back this sucker!

And make sure you come back on May 29th, when we'll have an interview with Jamey about Euphoria, lessons learned from Kickstarter, and lunch! Have a great weekend!