All Your Base - A Double-Take Review of Space Base

All Your Base - A Double-Take Review of Space Base

Greetings Commodore! It's time to take command of your small fleet of ships, commission more into the fleet, and garner enough influence in the galaxy to become an admiral!

Space Base, from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and designer John D. Clair (Mystic Vale, Custom Heroes), is a dice-rolling, engine-building game for 2-5 players and takes about 45-60 minutes. You'll build a fleet of ships and deploy them in order to gain Credits (income), as well as Influence (victory points), to become an Admiral... 

So, is this new game a Credit to dice games, or is it way off its Space Base. 

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Not-So-Gentle Ben: A Single-Take Review of Bears!

Not-So-Gentle Ben: A Single-Take Review of Bears!

Imagine, you and your friends and family on a peaceful camping trip, deep into the woods. You're roasting marshmallows over the open fire, enjoying the fresh country air... But what's this? Oh. Just bears attacking your campsite. Yes BEARS!!!

Bears is a dice-rolling game from Fireside Games for 2-4 players that takes about 10 minutes to play. So should you put this game on your table, or run screaming into the night? Let's find out!

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Knot Dice - A Double-Take Review

Knot Dice - A Double-Take Review

Today we're taking a look at Knot Dice, the new project from Matthew O'Malley. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign right here

Knot Dice is a set of Celtic-patterned custom dice that includes rules for several different games you can play with the dice. These games range from 1-3 players. But you can add more players with another set of dice. The dice are a great pearly green with each side featuring a different piece of a pattern that interconnects with other pieces of the pattern.

Here's how the games work!

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Kickstarter Weekly Jan. 24, 2014

Things are finally getting back into gear for us with the new year. We've launched two new episodes of our podcast, we've got a ton of new reviews that we will be publishing very, very soon. And there are a bunch of new and exciting projects that we are working away at in the background with much fervor and gusto! While all of that is going on, the Kickstarter Community is alive and doing well, and, as usua,l we're here to point you towars a few that we think are interesting enough to write about! So here we go with this week's Kickstarter Weekly!

Featured Campaign

scovilleScoville— Tasty Minstrel Games

Tasty Minstreal Games has been incredibly busy over the past few months bringing a lot of highly anticipated games to Kickstarter and proceeding to completely smash their funding goals and about 4,729 stretch goals along the way—okay, that might be an exaggeration... Anyway, Scoville is a farming game designed by blogger extraordinaire Ed Marriott of Boards and Barley. Players will be bringing the heat to a small town by planting and harvesting exotic peppers. We know Ed's been hard at work on this project for some time, and we wish him —and Michael Mindes of TMG— all the best with this campaign!

You have until Feb. 22 to help fund Scoville, and a  $40 pledge will score you your very own copy. Check out all the details right here!

GridironMasters of the Gridiron— Sports Moguls

Master of the Gridiron is a two-player football simulation card game. It features real players from real teams, is easy and quick to play and learn. Tabletop games and sports are an odd marriage. But both of us are big into gaming, as well as football, so we're intrigued. Although I (Jeremiah) don't often enjoy these worlds colliding. Still, we will be publishing our preview of this one very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime the Kickstarter Campaign is in full swing and will end on Feb. 19. Early birds can score two decks —one team per deck— for $25, or for $39 you can get four decks. Check out all the details right here!

LivestockLivestock Uprising - A Call to Farms - Dog Might Games

Okay, maybe there's something to this "farm" theme we've seen in two campaigns now... Will this be the year of the farming game? I suppose time will tell. Anyway, Livestock Uprising is a tactical barnyard battle for two to four players, that features a randomized playing field, a bunch of cards, and bits. This one looks pretty polished and ready to go, and has already funded, so it will be coming to market.

A pledge of $35 will score you a copy of the game, and this campaign ends on Feb. 16. You can check out all the details right here!

Dice EmpireDice Empire Series: Series One - Tinderbox Entertainment

So, this really isn't a "game," but I (Jeremiah) couldn't help but get a little mesmerized by all the sweet designs of these dice! There are some pretty awesome looking dice here. The price points seem about average for custom printed dice--what you would see at a Con. This is a super easy campaign to jump in on.

$4 gets you any single d6 from the series and then it jumps to $22 for any ten. The Campaign ends on Feb. 21 and you can see all the awesome designs right here!

coconutsCoconuts "Crazy Monkey" Dexterity Game for 2-4 Players - Mayday Games

What's in a name? In this case everything you need to know. Coconuts is: a crazy monkey dexterity game for 2-4 players! Upon watching the video in its 17 seconds of splendor we have come to this conclusion: CCMDGF2-4P is pretty much Beer Pong with mechanical monkeys, sans beer. Who doesn't want to make a monkey fling coconuts into containers to score points though? This should be a favorite for kids and families and the manga crowd. We imagine monkeys flinging coconuts is a better selling point than them flinging... well, you know.

$30 gets you a copy shipped to your door; the campaign ends on Jan. 28 and you can check it out right here! 

Thanks for checking out Kickstarter Weekly. Are you backing any of these? Are you backing something we haven't mentioned? Sound off below in the comments!

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Kickstarter Weekly—August 1, 2013

Well it's Thursday and you know what that means... It's not yet Friday. But never fear because we're here with another installment of Kickstarter Weekly, the place where we make our recommendations and let you know what's a poppin' over on Kickstarter. Let's jump in, shall we?

BigArtKing's Forge - Clever Mojo Games

Go back this project! We have both played the prototype (and will be posting our written AND video Double-Take on it soon!). This dice-builder offers up lots of great decision making moments, a bit of a take that element, and lots of ways to tweak your dice rolls. It's super easy to learn, play and teach. A pledge of $39 gets you a copy of this game and it's money well spent! Check out the full campaign here!

betwixtA Duel Betwixt Us - Game Salute

This nifty little 2-player dueling card game takes card dueling into the realm of an old-timey gentlemen's duel. Loaded with lots of humor and jest, the one looks like a lot of fun! In just about 24 hours the campaign is over 60% funded, so you can bet there's going to be all kinds of stretch goaly goodness coming for this one! A $35 pledge gets you the game shipped to your door in the US and UK! We'll be interviewing the game's co-designer Laurence Honderick next week so stay tuned for that! You can check out the campaign here, and be sure to watch the entertaining and informative video on this one!

giant meeplesGiant Meeples - Gamelyn Game

Gamelyn Games founder Michael Coe has found a great niche with these awesome, sturdy, and just super-cool-to-look-at meeples. They were introduced to the gaming world through Dungeon Heroes, and since then Gamelyn has been releasing different sets of meeples for gamers to use, give to kids to play with, use in story telling, or display proudly. The latest installment in this line is a set of GIANT MEEPLES! These things look great, could be used as a set of book ends, or a centerpiece in your medieval dinner party, or... well you can decide. You can pledge $12 and get one, or $40 and get 5, and there are dozens of them to choose from! Check out the campaign right here!

Click-Clack Lumberjack - Mayday Games

ClickclackAlso known as Toc Toc Woodman 2.0. Click-Clack Lumberjack is a dexterity game that puts a dangerous weapon in your children's hands. Ok, it's a plastic axe, but to my children I'm sure it would be a ninja ax, or a bat-ax or something to wield in a quest to eradicate evil... Anyway, there's this plastic tree and you're trying to knock the bark off of it without knocking the wood off of it. Bark scores points, wood scores negative points. An interesting pledge level of $17 gets you the game shipped in a flat rate box and the game box is collapsed to make everything fit. If you want it uncollapsed you can pay an extra $5 and get it shipped that way. Check out the full campaign here!

dungeon attackDungeon Attack! - Attack Dice Games

Attack Dice, creators of the dice roller When Zombies Attack! are back at it with a dungeon themed dice-apalooza! Dungeon Attack! Looks like a game that takes a straight-forward dice roller and adds some depth and tweaks the scoring mechanism a little. I (Jeremiah) loved When Zombies Attack—it's a filler that comes out quite frequently with my group and is way better than Steve Jackson's Zombie Dice (which is basically a zombie-themed Farkle). This campaign is already funded and there are some sweet stretch goals in the future for backers! $20 gets you in on a copy of the game for this one and it looks well worth it if you're into rolling dice! Check out the full campaign here!

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers!

Today we're completing our gift guide with a list of things to get that gamer who has EVERYTHING! These little trinkets are fun, add something to your favorite game, or just add a little geeky Christmas cheer! Catan Ornament 2012Catan Ornament - For the serious Catan fan, this cut-brass beauty will help you celebrate the season while settling on the newfound island of Catan. The third in the Catan Resource series, this year's ornament features wool.

Cost: $48.00

Available from: Mayfair Games

Pirates of the Spanish Main card game - Wizkids Games' latest reboot of their former titles, turns their classic consrtuctable strategy game, into a single-deck card game, perfect for the nostalgic Pirates player, with lots of art that has been re-purposed for the game.

Cost: $10.60

Available from: Amazon, or your local game store

Ages: 8 & up

When Zombies AttackWhen Zombies Attack - Because Attack Dice (makers of When Zombies Attack), isn't Steve Jackson Games, this fun little dice roller has been somewhat overlooked. Unlike Jackson's "Zombie Dice"—which is basically a re-themed version of Farkle—When Zombies Attack is a competitive dice game that has players trying to eliminate not ALL of the zombies, just ones attacking them! Totally worth picking up and stuffing someone's stocking with this one!

Cost: $14.99 (And they're running a special Christmas deal 2 for $25.00!)

Available: Right here!

Ages: 8 & up

Alvin and DexterAlvin and Dexter: A Ticket to Ride Monster Expansion - By far one of the coolest mini expansions for a game to come along in a while! This was released last year and is becoming harder to find! They're out there, so grab a set for your gamer and become the hero of the day! It's like a Godzilla effect for Ticket to Ride! 'Nuff said!

Cost: $15.00

Available from: Amazon, and your local game store.

LOTR SleevesLord of the Rings card sleeves - Fantasy Flight released a series of card sleeves featuring art from LOTR: the card game, every gamer wants to sleeve their cards, but most of the time they buy the cheap clear sleeves because that leaves more money for more games. So a couple packs a snazzy LOTR sleeves is sure to make the yuletide gay! (Note- there are Star Wars sleeves available now too!)

Cost: $5.00

Available from: Amazon, and your local game store

IronDieIronDie - I saw these at Origins this year and HAD to buy one. Simply because they are so cool! There is a game that is played with them if you choose to buy the whole set, but if you play any game that requires a 6-sided die, pick up a couple of these to replace them! There are now also polyhedral designs for that role player on your list!

Cost: $5.00 (6-Sided) $25.00 (Polyhedral, 7 die set)

Available from: Amazon, and your local game store.

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of Theology of Games; we hope this guide has been helpful to you during this wonderful season!

As always stay tuned for more great features from the gaming world!

Merry Christmas, everyone!