What's Better Than New Board Games?

Resistance UPDATE: It's over now. That'll teach you not to read our emails right away!

Cheap board games!

Today's Gold Box Deal from the folks over at Amazon features a number great board game titles, and a number of well...not-so-great board game titles.

The great games include:

The Resistance

Castles Of Burgundy

Seven Wonders

Forbidden Island

Dominion (Big Box)

And More!!

The not so great titles... Well we'll let you decide what those are...

All of the titles are about 40% off! That's right you can get The Resistance for $11.99!! Check out the great deals here! It's over now. Stop clicking things!

So stock up on all those classics that might be missing from your collection!

Thanks for reading. Are you picking anything up from this sale? Let us know!

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