12 Realms Heads to Germany

packshot_grossA few weeks ago we told you about the Kickstarter for the 2011 Best Print and Play nominee 12 Realms. Well that campaign was super successful and things stateside are well under way to get the game to market. We just received word today that the game has been brought to the German crowd sourcing site spiele-offensive.de. No, this isn't a site for offensive games; it's basically a German version of Kickstarter. karten

It seems like a lot of extra effort to go through another campaign and have the game published in two separate countries and in two different languages. But I think that's what's intriguing to me about this situation; Mage Company isn't just taking the easy road. They're doing what they can to get the game into the hands of their fans, and go the extra mile to help them save a little cash in the process. That is customer service that is rarely seen!

You can check out the campaign right here.

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