What You Missed...

gimliAnother week come and gone. Thanks for joining us for it... We started off with a preview of the new Presidential Meeples for Pixel Lincoln.

Then we got news of a Princess Bride game coming from the folks at Game Salute.

We gave a last-minute plea for the elephant racing game Formula E—and it successfully funded, by the hair on its trunky-trunk-trunk...

Then we reviewed one of our favorite games: The Lord of the Rings The Card Game. We also used the word funnest.

Then we interviewed Darrell Louder about his new game Compounded—and that was also our Kickstarter Weekly feature...


And finally, we told you about the next couple of months in Rio Grande Games' schedule. Lets hope it holds!

Monday we reveal our favorite games of 2012, so make sure you come back! Here's a clue for one of the games. ------->

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