Kickstarter Weekly—Sept. 12, 2013

codincaThis is me blogging from my sickbed today. I called off from my day job, but Firestone said I had to still write the Kickstarter Weekly piece so he could go to the Tosche station and pick up some power converters... Ok, that may be a complete exaggeration. Anyway, I may be laid up for the day, but the Kickstarter machine is still churning along, so let's just in and see what's happening.

Featured Campaign -

Codinca - Game Salute

In this game for 2-4 players, you'll use the 4 elements - Earth, Fire, Air and Water to block and create patterns. It looks like one of those easy to learn, hard to master abstracts that is accessible to all ages! They're offering a spiffy deluxe version with carved stones for tiles, and a velvet bag for carrying them. But there's only 5 left, so jump on it if you want in!

A pledge of $39 will get you a copy of the game, and a pledge of $99 will get you the sweet deluxe version. You can check it all out, right here!

alienuprisingAlien Uprising - Mr. B. Games

An interesting co-op game for 1-5 players, as you team up and take on the roles of the crew of a crashed spacecraft. The goal is to survive, repair your ship and escape before the alien inhabitants of the planet you've crashed on overtake you.

Mr. B. Games has already hit $60k in funding and have unlocked a mess of stretch goals. $45 get's you copy of the core game, but if you want all the stretch goals you'll have to bump up to an $85 pledge.

The campaign ends Oct. 2 and you can see it, right here!

404cover404: Law Not Found - 3DTotal Games

A nifty looking futuristic game that has players competing as robots that have gone haywire and now have the prime directives of: Improvise Science, Destroy War, and Hide Breathing. Looks like a fun medium weight strategy board game.

You can grab a copy for a pledge of 28 pounds (about $44 USD) and that includes free shipping to the US and EU. The campaign ends on Oct. 9 and you can check it out, right here.

Off Our Beaten Path

5175_121461395279_1007458_nStanding in the Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story - W. Ryan Ziegler

Many folks may not know this, but the man behind the mask, Peter Mayhew known best as Chewbacca, is in need of knee replacements, yes, both of them. He's getting specially designed artificial knees that had to be custom made for his 7' 3" frame. In the meantime the Mayhew family is chronicling this most real of adventures as Peter moves from Wheelchair to Wookie. The video for this campaign will leave you a little saddened as we see the gentle giant virtually crippled by his failing knees.

You can help the production of this documentary with a pledge as low as $5, and there are some cool incentives to pledge more (including the chance to be a guest at the Mayhew Family Ranch as the bid farewell to Peter's wheelchair, for a pledge of $10,000!) you can check out the campaign, right here.

How Did We Miss This?

playtestWe Didn't Playtest This Pasted on Theme at All! - Asmadi Games

Asmadi ran a special 5 day campaign for this, looking to raise $3,000 and they managed to gain $9,000. The idea is that if they ran a longer campaign the game wouldn't hit the market until next year, but with the shorter time span they're projecting the game to hit shelves before Christmas! This newest version of WDPTAA will have zombies, of course, as well as time travel, elves and other such geekery. I for one love the mindless chaos of the series so I'll be on the look out for this one soon! Congrats, Asmadi!