Come Play with Us... Or Me, I guess...

extralifeHey gang, we shared a few weeks ago that I (Jeremiah) will be hosting a 24-hour game marathon to support the Children's Miracle Network of Hospitals. I'd like to invite you once more, if you are local to the Northeast Ohio area (or feel like making a road trip) I'll be playing games from 8:00 AM this Saturday (Nov. 2) until 8:00 AM Sunday (Nov. 3)! I'm working on a few surprises and maybe a give away or two for the day as well! I'll keep filtering info to you as the week goes on so be sure to check back!

Come play games with us at the Root!

I'll be playing games at the illustrious Root Cafe, at 852 W. Bath Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls. A great coffee shop, run by even greater folks who love and serve the community. They've graciously cleared the calendar to make a way for us to be there the whole 24-hours and host this great event for a great cause!

Here are some more details if you'd like to be involved!


1 - You can join the team by clicking this link. Please know that by joining the team it doesn't mean you're signing up to do the whole 24-hours, you can come out for as little or as long as you like!

2 - If you can't make it but would like to contribute, you can make a donation of ANY amount by following this link. All of the proceeds go to the Akron Children's Hospital, an amazing medical facility that has cared for my children, and my extended family's and friends' children for years. The staff there are second to none!

3 - If you unable to do either 1 or 2, would you please consider sharing the event on your Facebook wall, or giving us some Twitter love? Or even sharing this post through the social media outlet of your liking (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.)?

4 - Lastly, and most importantly - If you are the praying type. Would you say a prayer for the folks who's children are being treated by the wonderful people at Akron Children's Hospital? As a parent there is nothing scarier than having a hospitalized child. I hope that our prayer support can bring them comfort in their situations.

Thanks for reading our blog, and thank you in advance for any and all support, I sincerely hope I get to meet you, our readers (at least some of you!) this weekend as we play games for a greater cause!

If you have any further questions please leave them in the comments and I'll answer them right away!


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