Kickstarter Weekly—June 11, 2013

We have a ton of Kickstarter News to bring you this week, so let's jump right in! Ejipt

Ejipt: Race for Treasure

Sam and Clayton, founders of Laboratory, have launched their second Kickstarter with a fun-looking race game. The game looks streamlined and quick-playing. Plus we liked the natural thematic tie in of using a pyramid shaped d4 for the game! $27 gets you in on the race for treasure! Find it here.


Drive them BackDrive Them Back

A card-battle game, Drive Them Back pits players against advancing hordes attempting to drive them back—they must stave off the onslaught. Players can lose the game together, but only one can win! Stay tuned for our review of this one! $27 will get you your own copy of the game. You can find the campaign here.






Monster Mansion

Escape from Monster Mansion A social, adventure card game that has players scrambling to escape a creepy old mansion filled with tons of classically themed monsters! There's plenty of weapons and items to help you along the way! A $25 pledge will get you in on the fun! Check out the campaign here!


A slight diversion...

MagiFrontBanner.largeRandy Blackwell of Lamplight Media

Randy Blackwell is looking for funds to bring more Christian art and novels to Dragon Con. Based on the universe of Rise of the Magi, Randy was lucky enough to snag an exhibitor booth at the giant con this year, and needs help bringing more material to market. There's tons of rewards for those willing to chip in! Check out the campaign here.

Whaaa Happen?

KrampusLet's Kill Krampus

Every now and then there's a Kickstarter game that looks like it should make the funding goal based solely on its creative theme. Three Fates Games, however, fell well short of their goal for Let's Kill Krampus, which revolves around the Austrian mythos of the Krampus. Krampus is allegedly some sort of weird kin to Santa Claus, but instead of withholding gifts from the naughty girls and boys, he just eats them instead. The game was based around a pre-constructed RPG in which one player was Krampus (or the game master) and the others were children plotting the demise of Ol' Krampus. But we won't see it, because it failed to fund. I'm guessing the funding goal might have been a bit lofty, maybe they'll re-tool and give it another go. You can check it out here.



Buttonshy's upcoming Kickstarter

Storyteller Cards

And finally, our good friend Jason Tagmire has a happy ending to his Storyteller Cards campaign—and knocked off two stretch goals in the process! This was Jason's first campaign (and soon-to-be-first release) for his Buttonshy brand. Find out more here.

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