Last-Chance Kickstarter Project: Burning Suns

burningcoverHi Faithful Readers, Sorry we haven't been posting much this week; it's been crazy and busy around here—but jeremiah and I got to hang out for a few days! Today I wanted to give you a heads-up on a cool-looking project called Burning Suns, from SunTzuGames—it ends in just 48 hours. We featured it a couple of weeks ago in a Kickstarter Weekly, but today it gets its very own post. Burning Suns is a tactical, 4x game for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up. The time to play is approximately 40 minutes per player.

The game comes with over 700 empires. 700!! You can customize the race you play, and you'll have different strengths and weaknesses depending on what you play. I would love to find out how they were able to keep all of those empires balanced.

burningshipsThere's a market that lets you hire mercenaries, or build buildings, or buy other resources. There's warfare and negotiation and politics and dice, and everything you's expect from a 4x game. It comes with plastic ships, some of which hold dice that you use to track hits. It's elegant and simple and looks totally cool. There's a bunch of other stuff, and this just scratches the surface.

One of my favorite things about this is that they're looking for help from the community: SunTzuGames wants people to come up with tournament, co-op, and solitaire rules you can use with the game. That's a great way to involve people, get them invested in the product, and get the best game you can get.

£55 (or approximately $89) gets you a copy of the game, and all stretch rewards—and that includes shipping across the pond to the US. Check out the campaign while you still can—only two more days. Thanks for reading!photo-332.jpg

Kickstarter Weekly - Aug. 30, 2013

Well, our little experiment last week resulted in a much different outcome than we thought it would. Thanks again everyone for the feedback! We're back to normal for now, until we decide to rock the boat again! Speaking of new things, you may have missed it yesterday, (we had a little hiccup with our email delivery system!) but we have officially launched the Theology of Games podcast! You can find it on iTunes by following this link RIGHT HERE!!! We're very excited about this, and would love any and all feedback!

Anyway, there's lots of stuff going down on Kickstarter this week, so let's jump in!

Fantasy FrontierFantasy Frontier - Gamelyn Games

We're really excited for this one! Gamelyn Games, which brought us Dungeon Heroes, is bringing us this worker- and tile-placement game that has players exploring a new frontier in steampunky dirigibles! Check back soon for an interview with Michael about this, and all things Gamelyn Games! The campaign is chugging along and is about 20% funded after just 24 hours.

A pledge of $45 gets you in on a copy of the game, and you can check out the campaign, right here!


Cthulu CardsThe Cards of Cthulhu - Dan Verssen Games

Yep, it's another Cthulhu themed game. This time featuring a solitaire to 4-player system, </begin obligatory Cthulhu game description> players take on the roles of investigators trying to save the world from eternal torment, from the elder gods. </end obligatory Cthulhu game description>. The game system looks interesting on this one, and they've blown past their funding goal within the first 24 hours.

They've unlocked a lot of stretch goals and a $30 pledge gets you in on the fun, and you can check out the campaign, right here!


infamyInfamy - Mercury Games Inc.

This is Mercury Games' sophomore Kickstarter voyage after a successful first go-around. Infamy is a bidding-based game set in a cyberpunk realm,

$45 gets you a copy of the game and they're limiting the amount of pledges to 2,000, although it doesn't seem yet that their going to be turning folks away. You can check out the campaign, right here.


Burning SunsBurning Suns - Sun Tzu Games

It's really hard to tell a whole lot about the game play of this from the main video on the campaign. But check out those sweet die-ships! The game looks to be just the beginning of what will expand into something larger if they get the chance to bring it to market.

For a pledge of 45 pounds (About $69 usd) you get the entire game, plus anything else that is unlocked during the campaign. Speaking of which you can check it out here!


A few campaigns have closed recently...

TemplarTemplar the Secret Treasures - Queen Games

So you're basically hiding treasure in an Abbey and trying to keep it safe. Looks like a fun game, but you're going to have to wait until it hits the shelves! You can take a look at the campaign, right here!


duel thanksA Duel Betwixt Us - Game Salute

The game was 624% funded. Yeah I'd say that was successful! We're pretty excited about this one. You can check out the campaign here, and our interview with co-designer Laurence Honderick too!

Whaaa happened?

PrivateerPrivateer - Ensignia Games

For some reason unbeknownst to us the campaign for Privateer has been canceled by Ensignia Games. This is a shame because the game looks great. We've reached out to Ensignia to see if they have any plans to relaunch the campaign. (The first one was doing great, just about $4,000 short of the goal with over 3 weeks left!) We're really hoping that we see this one re-launch soon!

That's it for now! Is there something cool you're backing that we missed? (I wouldn't doubt it!) Let us know!

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