Kickstarter Weekly - Jan. 9, 2013—errr...14

TinyEpicHey everyone! We're getting things back up and running in the new year, and we certainly hope that you and yours had a magnificent time during the holidays. We're back this week with this year's first Kickstarter Weekly! Should all acquaintance be forgot? NOPE! There are a lot of exciting things happening on Kickstarter with some perennial favorites launching campaigns this very day! So sweep up that confetti, put the lampshade back on the lamp, and stop writing 2013 on your checks... Seriously... Who uses checks anymore!? It's time for Kickstarter Weekly!

Featured Campaign

Tiny Epic Kingdoms - Gamelyn Games

This campaign comes from our good friends over at Gamelyn Games. This is the first title from Gamelyn that hasn't been designed by founder Michael Coe. Gamelyn has a successful history on Kickstarter with their charter campaign of Dungeon Heroes delivering what backers wanted and more! TEK is a mini 4x game that has been all the rage over social media as of late.

The Campaign ends on Feb. 8 and a pledge of $16 get's you the base game and $24 will score you a deluxe copy. Find all the info on the campaign, right here!

burgooBurgoo - A Pay-What-You-Want Game of Community Stew - Tasty Minstrel Games

Hot on the heels of  their ridiculously successful Pay-What-You-Want campaign for Coin Age, which is quite possibly the microest of micro games, Tasty Minstrel Games is at it again with Burgoo. A game about building stew. The rules seem simple enough: Manage to get all of your ingredients into the stew and win.

The recommended pledge is $5, but a $3 pledge will get you a copy of Burgoo, sent to anywhere in the world!! The campaign ends Jan. 25 and you can find out all the details: Right here!

Bezier WerewolfUltimate Werewolf - Bezier Games

Another take on the classic game. Ultimate Werewolf supports up to 75 players... Yes, seven-five. This campaign adds a ton of new features, updated art, lots of new variants, character roles and so on. If you're into Mafia and Werewolf and the like you should check this one out!

The campaign ends Feb. 3, and a pledge of $25 will get you a copy of the game. Click here, for all the details!

SpearpointSpearpoint 1943 Eastern Front - Collins Epic Wargames

The third in the Spearpoint series, Eastern Front brings unit cards for the Russian forces and more German forces units as well. I (Jeremiah) got to play the original Spearpoint 1943 back when it released at Origins a few years ago. It's a fun lightweight card combat game for two players. It allows for customization of decks, but only within the constraints of what you get in the box—much like  an LCG, there's no card-chasing here!

The campaign for Eastern Front ends on Jan. 20, and a pledge of $29 will score you a copy of the game. You can find out all the details, right here!